Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Traditional Sikh Wedding : Raji + Rishi

It was an incredible experience photographing Rishi and Raji’s traditional wedding ceremony at the Yuba City Gurudwara. The vibrant tradition was emotional all the way, especially the moment when the father gave away his daugter. Everybody broke into tears. Brothers accompanied the newly weds to the groom’s house. Bride entering her new home is another significant ritual performed at Rishi’s house. Later in the afternoon we literally took 10 minutes to capture some amazing shots of Rishi and Raji. Tall brown grass and live oak trees crated a marvelous background for the pictures.

Many thanks to My friend Chris Stewert for second shooting with me on this wedding.

Nov, 20, 2011
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