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Sacramento Wedding Photography: Avie + Vini Wedding Reception

Avie and Vini ended their 3 day long wedding festivities with a super fun wedding reception. Vini was dressed with crystal from top to bottom; every spec of her outfit had shiny crystals all over. The gorgeous couple graced the evening by walking in to the reception hall with a classic Indian movie song that I actually grew up listening to many many times. Fond memories rushed back to me right away!

Avie and Vini – I couldn’t be anuy happier for you. You two are incredible and I wish you a world of happiness ahead…

Many THANKS to Stacey Marsh, my new photographer friend, who help me photograph this wedding. Also to my husband for coming down to help me at the reception…I definitely needed that help

Vendor credit for the event:

Location – Citrus Heights Community Center
Decorator – Pravenn Sharma of Shaadi by Shivam
Makeup Artist – Minal Khatri (Bridal Henna Beauty by Minal)
Caterer – Bombay Garden (Bay Area)

Feb, 04, 2012
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