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Sacramento Portrait Photographer: The Wake Family

How do I begin this post! I have known Don from my early days in California. When I was all alone here, struggling without any friends in a new town where I knew no one but the people I just met at work, Don was one of the ones, at my work, who made me feel like a friend they had known for years. I remember the day when Don helped me bringing home the very first and only furniture for my new apartment…a papasan chair from Pier 1.

Mar, 10, 2011

The chair was so wide that it wouldn’t fit in my car. I met Audra at the office Christmas party. That year, Don and Audra invited us (Jason was in Ca by that time) over to their family Christmas event; they didn’t want us to feel lonely and missing families during the holidays. I was extremely touched by the invite. Although we couldn’t make it to the party that day, I remain thankful for the kindness this couple had shown to us from the very beginning. I don’t think I ever told them how I felt about it. So, Don and Audra – if you are reading this…THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making us feel like home.

Years have passed, all of us have gone through a lot over the years. But the biggest event of all has been the new addition to the Wake family. David Alan Wake joined the family just around the Thanksgiving time last year. Don and Audra were visiting Sacramento last week when I had a chance to meet little David for the very first time. He seemed to be the cutest little thing with the most beautiful smile and big, magical eyes. And his hair…priceless

I haven’t seen Don and Audra like this ever before, they are in love with this little man and he sure brings a lot of joy to this family. We met up again over their portrait session the following weekend. It was a joy capturing their family moments. I was getting a little teary looking at them while editing the images. I hope these bring back the memories of their time in California as they grow into the life in Texas.

  • OHANA PHOTOGRAPHERS: so so so cute! love that hair! you captured some great emotions nudrat :D
  • OHANA PHOTOGRAPHERS: and by emotions, i mean expressions :)
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