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remembering dad

I almost don’t remember his voice anymore. It was 3rd of July, 1993 when I had my last conversation with him; I have no memory of what we talked about. It’s been seventeen years since my dad passed away. When America was celebrating it’s 217th year of independence, I was sitting on steps of a military hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh waiting to hear good news from the doctors. That news never came; he passed away in the early dawn of the next day. We all returned home but he didn’t.

Jul, 03, 2010

I have mourned the day ever since (including the before and after). It was hard for me to lose the “man” in my life. A part of me was so numb, I didn’t even realize that. I didn’t celebrate 4th of July during my early years in the United States; I used to corner myself into a room, keep away from the crowd. It wasn’t until I met the man I have today, my husband, when that numbness started to go away. I started getting into the crowd, celebrating the birth of the USA. I live here today, I live the life that my father could only dream about. As I look at the fireworks every year and dance with the music, I remember my dad. I don’t have him today, but I will always remain his little girl. He will always be the special man in my life.

I miss him so much.

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