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Raji’s Punjabi Jaggo Event in Yuba City

This has to be one of the highlights of 2011 for me! For years, in movies and online, I have watched and read about Punjabi weddings that I could possibly only dream of attending some day. My wish had come true this year. Raji and Rishi had a traditional Punjabi (Sikh) wedding and a North Indian reception in Live Oak-Yuba City-Roseville-Rocklin area. The events spread over two full days. First night was Rishi’s Mehendi ceremony at his residence and Raji’s Haldi + Churra + Jaggo ceremony at her parent’s house and then at the Five River Restaurant in Yuba City. I had a blast covering Raji’s Haldi and Jaggo ceremony.

Haldi ceremony is a traditional pre-wedding event where mainly participated by the ladies in the family. It’s like blessing the bride before the big event. The bride sits under a beautiful piece of fabric that the families hold above her head. Then they all come one at a time and bless the bride by rubbing termeric paste and feeding sweets.

Raji already had her bridal mehendi done the day before. Take a look at the gorgeous henna/mehendi design on her hands.

Nov, 11, 2011

Later at the Jaggo night, uncles of the bride put Churra (bridal bangles) on Raji’s hands and the aunts and cousins danced traditional Punjabi wedding dance in circles. Vibrant colors and Punjabi music kept the night alive for a while before they all had to leave to start getting ready for the big event next.

Here are some highlights of the Jaggo night.

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