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Nuzhat & Joy || Wedding part 1

A couple weekends ago Jason and I went to Boston for my childhood friend Nuzhat’s wedding. I know Nuzhat from the begining of my school life (as far as my memory goes)! We went to the same school (Holy Cross). Our names sound so similar that I often answered when people were actually calling her name. It wasn’t until eighth or ninth grade when my group of friends became very close to Nuzhat’s group of friends. Our story goes back to early ninties, soooo many things are coming into my mind that I don’t even know where to begin! Let me just say that Nuzhat was one of my bridesmaids. Four years ago she was here at our wedding, and that’s when I met Joy for the first time.

Oct, 06, 2009

I was thrilled, honored, when Nuzhat asked me to take her photos on her wedding day. I knew she would be a beautiful bride, but oh boy, the word beautiful wasn’t a good enough word for her! She looked beyond amazing!!! Just look at her images!

It was a traditional Bengali wedding with a few western twists. There were two events on one day. The Holud ceremony was held in the afternoon. This is a pre-wedding ceremony where friends and family unite to bless the couple before they tie the knot. This is my favorite part of the wedding. The event was full of fun, music, bright colors, gorgeous outfits, delicious food (of course, a Bengali event is nothing without good food!) and beautiful people. The weather cooperated too. It turned out to be a beautiful day! The bride was brought to the stage on a Palki (a traditional, decorated chair with four posts/supports for carrying the bride), her four cousins were the ushers. Groom was waiting for her at the stage. The ceremony began with the groom’s parents blessing the bride by tying “Rakhi” (a traditional bracelet symbolizing the unity of the two families) and feeding her some sweets. Then the bride’s parents blessed the groom by doing the same thing. It was a relatively short event, since the wedding followed soon after.

Here are some highlights of her holud/blessing ceremony. Stay tuned for part 2…

  • Sheila Ahmad: Greetings Nudrat ! I am Himi's Boro Mami from KY. Your pix are stunning ! I am speechless. Is this a hobby? Whatever it is, wherever you are, I am booking you for my daughter's wedding. She is only 10 but please put us on your calender for 2020 !
    Magnificently done my dear.Kudos !Please come and visit us in KY.
    It is so serene with mountains and billowy clouds...you will enjoy.
  • jewel: I feel so bad that I wasn't there.Any way my prayer goes to newly
    weeded Nuzhat and Joy.Goolli pics.
    jewel (Boston)
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