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Laurel & Nezar’s Wedding

I am so excited to post the pictures from Laurel and Nezar’s wedding! I had been waiting to shoot their wedding ever since I did their e-session in June. The day finally came. Last Saturday, the 4th of October, was Laurel and Nezar’s big day at the Gold Hill Vinyard, Placerville. It rained the night before; I was thankful that it didn’t rain on the wedding day. The sun came out for a little bit. It ended up being a perfectly lit day for a wedding.

Oct, 09, 2008

Laurel’s grandma made her beautiful wedding dress. The workmanship on the dress was beyond imagination. And Laurel looked absolutely gorgeous. Her bridesmaids were super cute, the groomsmen were fun to shoot with. I can’t write enough about the bride and groom. The couple and their families were genuinly nice. I am lucky to have such sweet people to work with.

I was already pumped up for their wedding, especially after capturing their henna ceremony. I was going through the images and couldn’t decide what not to post. Here are just a few that caught my eyes at the first glance. I couldn’t even get to the reception shots yet

so you know, there will be another set of shots from their reception.

  • Amy: Adore the group shots of the groom with groomsmen and bride with bridesmaids. There looks like there was a lot of joy at this wedding.
  • Rebecca: beautiful! The earring, the shoes and the girls jumping while the bride looks so serene are awesome!
  • Kerri: Hi Nudrat! Saw your post on OSP and came by. WOW these are incredibly beautiful. Trinity is stunning and you caught them both in very nice moments...
  • Lucky Red Hen: Beautiful! :)
  • ohana photographers-david and kimi: gorgeous shot of the bride next to the window!!!
  • conrad lim photography: I love love that first picture..rolling hills, fall colors, and great looking couple. good job!
  • Anonymous: Nudrat! It's Mangesh. I love these photos. I visit every now and then and you've come a long way as a photographer. You are no longer a photographer but now an artist. If you look at your early pics and the pics from the last wedding, you will see a great difference (at least I did). You've added your own creativity and originality and the combination is simply beautiful!

    Great job girl! You have definitely found your niche!
  • Jen Stewart Photography: Nudrat, are you kidding me????? these are AWESOME!!!!!! That first shot made my jaw drop, it's GORGEOUS!!! And they just were all amazing photos! Great job, I'm sure they are beside themselves excited at how beautiful the photos turned out!!!
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