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Indian Wedding Reception: Raji + Rishi

Raji and Rishi had a Bollywood style reception at the Orchard Creek Lodge in Lincoln, CA. It was a completely different feel than the rest of the events. The couple celebrated the reception in style. Terrific music, mouth-watering food and incredible dance moves kept the night going until midnight. The couple had a lot of friends and families travelling from all over the world for this wedding. I realized how loved they both were by their relatives.

The night ended with a few tears (of joy) but the couple were left with lots of love and blessings by their families. My friend Chris and I got the final shots and called it a night. We were both so satisfyingly exhausted. The experience of this wedding cannot be put into words. I am so, so glad that I had this opportunity. I got to know Rishi and Raji pretty well over the course of photographing their wedding festivities. I came to know the families, their traditions, cultures, stories…and fell in love with the whole idea of photographing cultural weddings all over again. I have enjoyed these few days with the couple and I wished, like always, that the part of saying “good-bye” didn’t come so quickly.

Rishi and Raji – I wish you two a lifetime of happiness. It was a joy being a part of your memories. Have a fabulous life…XX

Nov, 27, 2011
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