Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

How cute is this song!

I love the soundtracks of “Juno”. The album is in my list of next purchase. I especially like the intro song ‘All I want is you’ by Barry Louis Polisar. It makes me smile and cry at the same time – just a feel good song for the lovers

I wanted to post this link from youtube just in case you don’t know what song I’m talking about (I hope it’s okay to post it here).

Apr, 18, 2008

  • david & kimi baxter: juno rules!! that is a happy song!!love it!
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