Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Highlights: 2011

This is beyond my belief that the year is over! Just a couple more hours to go, and we will step on to the new year of 2012. 2011 was eventful for me, in SO many ways. I have photographed only 7 weddings (the number I targetted) and numerous portrait sessions this year. I had the opportunity to meet so many incredibly nice people through this channel. I am extremely thankful for the kindness and love I have received. This experience continues to give me more than I ever imagined.

My website got a new look this year (by the amazing designers at Flosites), along with a new name and branding for my business. I have been introduced into the South Asian wedding community in the Sacramento area (and beyond). This is something new for me, I have to say, I am thoroughly enjoying the cultural wedding flavors. I don’t know what awaits in 2012. I can only continue to improve my work, do better as I grow and be humbled by all the kindness I receive every day.

Here are some highlights of 2011. It was hard to put together just the favorites, ’cause the favorites only don’t complete my story. And the story I want to share involves many faces and hearts that made my 2011 so beautiful.

Here’s to a prosperous 2012.

Happy New Year!

Jan, 01, 2012
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