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Henna edition || Monica & Karim’s wedding

It seems like I haven’t been posting forever. I just don’t have any idea how my weeks go by so fast. We just bought a new, super fast computer(I wish it was an iMac!!!), I was busy for setting up my new system. I am also using Lightroom 2 for RAW editing now. I have to say that I liked Lightroom over Bridge.

I finally had a chance to go through the pictures from Monica and Karim’s wedding at Lake Tahoe. I worked with Doug Miranda on their beautiful wedding at Squaw Valley on July 26. I must mention that I am very lucky so far to have super nice couples to shoot with. Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous; bright and vibrant colors and many personal touches made the event even more unique! Monica and Karim also incorporated some traditions from Karim’s Indian heritage.

Aug, 07, 2008

One of the attractions of the event was Henna tattoo. A brilliant henna artist was present at the reception to entertain guests with her beautiful henna designs. Some of the highlights are below.

Bride’s hands full of henna -

  • david & kimi baxter: wow LOVE the henna!
  • fruitfulwords: Beautiful, beautiful shot of the bride's arm decorated in henna.
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