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Happy Anniversary(Part 2 of 2)

If you have been following my blog, you already know that September is my Wedding Month. I got married three years ago on this day(the 18th) to make my love my life long company. When I go to the weddings(as a photographer) I am reminded on my own wedding

The fact that I could never attend any of my friends’ weddings, only made me sad. But my passion as a wedding photographer helped me recover from that sorrow. When I see that look on the brides’ faces I can exactly feel the emotions they are going through. I couldn’t be happier to be who I am today, to be doing what I do today!

Sep, 18, 2008

Unfortunately, I will be stuck in my class for four hours(after work). So my anniversary celebration will go down the drain

My hubby already surprised me with my fave Stargazer lilies(my wedding flower) and gave me my dream vacation as gift(more on that later). They were already beyond my imagination! I wish I had something special(other than me) for him as well :)))

(Jason and I, 3 yrs ago. Photo courtesy of Andreas Images Photography. It was an East-meets-west wedding :)))

  • ::Conrad Lim::: aaw Nudrat..you look very pretty. And it's cool of Jason to be wearing something traditional in your wedding day..

    take care
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