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Engagement Photography at the Sacramento Capitol Park: Lucky + Dilpreet

A couple weekends ago Lucky and Dilpreet drove down to Sacramento for their engagement session. We have been planning this session for the past two months, but weather was delaying this from happening. Finally we met up and had a great time shooting around the Sacramento Capitol Park.

Lucky is extremely photogenic who I doesn’t knows how to take a bad picture. She was simply gorgeous and worked the camera. Not a bit of her nervousness shows through the pictures. Dilpreet was super supportive of her. I could certainly appreciate the man Lucky had in her life to carry her through the ups and downs. He was having fun, putting her at ease and simply bringing out the best in her. Lucky and Dilpreet were naturally beautiful.

Thank you, Lucky and Dilpreet, for coming down all the way for this session. I wish you two the very best for your upcoming wedding…I know you two will be fabulous on your wedding day…XO

Feb, 18, 2012
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