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Costa rica : Day 3, 4 & 5

“Adventure” was the theme of the day 3 and 5. Day 4 was reserved mainly for travel from Arenal to Manuel Antonio.

I made a check list of the things I wanted to do for a long, loooong time. Somewhere down the list was to zip through a line of cables (attached to trees) really fast. I checked that box on Day 3. What an experience!!! Seriously, I never thought I could do it! At the end of ziplining, we did the “tarzan swing”. Basically, it’s a giant rope swing (rope attached to a tree) over the edge of a canyon. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I lost my stomach for a bit, but, it was an amazing feeling at the end. Later in the evening we visited Tabacon hot springs (naturally heated by the volcano). A nice soak in warm water was quite relaxing.

Here’s a picture of me trying to pull myself after getting stuck in the middle of the cable while zip-lining. Picture taken by our fearless zip-line instructor.

Sep, 29, 2010

We said good bye to Arenal and headed to Manuel Antonio (via San Ramon) next day. It started raining little after we left and continued to rain all the way. The visibility was very low by the time we got to Quepos. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful, scenic drive. We enjoyed breathtaking views of rolling hills, cloud forests and tropical of Costa Rica. Our hotel in Manuel Antonio is unlike any other. It is surrounded by jungle, it has the view of the Pacific, the service here is incredible, food in their restaurant is some of the best I had and the people here are down to earth. The place is called GAIA Hotel and Reserve (if you are in Manuel Antonio, be sure to check this place out).

We visited Parque National in Manuel Antonio on our day 5 (today). We figured that the rain wouldn’t stop and we would be stuck at the hotel. So we put on the raincoats and hats, filled in the bottle of water, packed our stuff and headed out to see some monkeys. We had an awesome guide who showed us the all the animals that we wouldn’t see otherwise. After hearing so much about Sloths in MA I wanted to see them hanging from the tree! And did I not see sloths today!!! They were all over, eating and moving around looking for some sun after a heavy rain fall. We finally tracked down a Howler monkey; they were hard to find. The Squirrel monkeys were the cutest. I had a pleasure of taking pictures with them as well

After couple hours of animal watching we arrived Playa Manuel Antonio. We saw a few people surfing during the high tide. It was raining again, and it was beautiful.

I don’t know what we have in store for day 6. More good food, more of Manuel Antonio!

Here’s an image of lush, green roadside of rural Costa Rica.

PS. all the Costa Rican images on my blog are taken with iPhone (except for the zip-line phone). This is my attempt to document the trip with an iPhone.

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