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Concert for Bangladesh

Last Saturday, the Bangladeshi community in the Greater Sacramento area organized a multinational concert to raise funds to help the recent cyclone(Sidr) victims of Bangladesh. A devastating cyclone hit the coastal areas of Bangladesh in November, 07. Thousands of lives were gone, the homes were all smashed to the ground. With no food, no shelter, people were hardly surviving. The entire country lost power, all at once, for the first time in the history of Bangladesh.

Jan, 27, 2008

Being a Bangladeshi myself and a part of the community here, I attended the concert and helped raising funds. The concert was a great success, we were able to raise thousands of dollars that would directly go towards the victims. Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Nepalese and US organizations were generous enough to donate big amounts to this cause. We were thankful that we could do this even when we were away from home.

The performers were the memebers of the international communities here. There were performances from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and US. Here are just a few pictures from the concert.

Opening Performance from Bangladesh -

Thai girl dancing with Bengali song -

Trancefusion Dance Company from India -

Linda Parker School of Dance from US -

Mother Mayhem Band from US -

Dance group from Bangladesh -

Linda Parker School of Dance from US -

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