Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Costa rica : Day 3, 4 & 5

“Adventure” was the theme of the day 3 and 5. Day 4 was reserved mainly for travel from Arenal to Manuel Antonio.

I made a check list of the things I wanted to do for a long, loooong time. Somewhere down the list was to zip through a line of cables (attached to trees) really fast. I checked that box on Day 3. What an experience!!! Seriously, I never thought I could do it! At the end of ziplining, we did the “tarzan swing”. Basically, it’s a giant rope swing (rope attached to a tree) over the edge of a canyon. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I lost my stomach for a bit, but, it was an amazing feeling at the end. Later in the evening we visited Tabacon hot springs (naturally heated by the volcano). A nice soak in warm water was quite relaxing.

Here’s a picture of me trying to pull myself after getting stuck in the middle of the cable while zip-lining. Picture taken by our fearless zip-line instructor.

Sep, 29, 2010

We said good bye to Arenal and headed to Manuel Antonio (via San Ramon) next day. It started raining little after we left and continued to rain all the way. The visibility was very low by the time we got to Quepos. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful, scenic drive. We enjoyed breathtaking views of rolling hills, cloud forests and tropical of Costa Rica. Our hotel in Manuel Antonio is unlike any other. It is surrounded by jungle, it has the view of the Pacific, the service here is incredible, food in their restaurant is some of the best I had and the people here are down to earth. The place is called GAIA Hotel and Reserve (if you are in Manuel Antonio, be sure to check this place out).

We visited Parque National in Manuel Antonio on our day 5 (today). We figured that the rain wouldn’t stop and we would be stuck at the hotel. So we put on the raincoats and hats, filled in the bottle of water, packed our stuff and headed out to see some monkeys. We had an awesome guide who showed us the all the animals that we wouldn’t see otherwise. After hearing so much about Sloths in MA I wanted to see them hanging from the tree! And did I not see sloths today!!! They were all over, eating and moving around looking for some sun after a heavy rain fall. We finally tracked down a Howler monkey; they were hard to find. The Squirrel monkeys were the cutest. I had a pleasure of taking pictures with them as well

After couple hours of animal watching we arrived Playa Manuel Antonio. We saw a few people surfing during the high tide. It was raining again, and it was beautiful.

I don’t know what we have in store for day 6. More good food, more of Manuel Antonio!

Here’s an image of lush, green roadside of rural Costa Rica.

PS. all the Costa Rican images on my blog are taken with iPhone (except for the zip-line phone). This is my attempt to document the trip with an iPhone.

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Costa Rica : Day 2

Anticipation. Fear.

We took an afternoon hiking trip to the Arenal volcano today. The park was completely empty. Our guide took us to a hike which I never thought I would experience. I was trying to stay calm, but pretty scared at the same time. We were literally at the foot of the volcano, right by the 1968 lava trail. It was raining a bit. We were off the walking trail, climbing the rocks, walking through the tall grass for the most part. Two things could happen during that time – the volcano could start erupting, the guide could leave us in the middle of no where to lose our way back to the car. Neither of them happened. We were back, safely.

Sep, 27, 2010

After having “typical food” (that’s what the local calls their food) for lunch in La Fortuna, we headed back to our hotel. There was some sort of local fair going on in front of the Church in town. We got to experience Tico dance and music. Later in the evening we drove to “the new bridge” as an attempt to see the lava. There were quite a few tourists waiting for the same thing. After about 45 minutes of no action, we decided to call it a night. I’m sure the show started right after we left. I woke up around 3am to see a cloud of smoke surrounding the crater. There must have been an explosion on the other side of the volcano. Oh well, we have to give to another try tonight.

Arenal volcano.

These little greens grow over the lava rocks.

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Costa Rica : Day 1

It’s been a busy summer this year. Weddings, day job, social commitments were more than enough to keep me occupied (in a good way). I have also recently celebrated five years of being married! To extend that celebration and to welcome Fall 2010, my hubby and I decided to make a trip to Centro America. So, here we are, in Costa Rica, where life is simple, pure and very green. We flew into San Jose, CR yesterday and now we are in La Fortuna, at the foot of the volcano Arenal, waiting for a glimpse of erupting lava. I think we will be Lucky if we get to see the lava flow. There’s a blanket of clouds over the tip of the volcano right now. It’s been raining since we got here. Just now it started to rain even harder. I realized how much I miss the tropical rain. We had breakfast with fresh papayas and pineapple bites and fresh Costa Rican coffee this morning. Life is good at this time.

Sep, 26, 2010

Pura Vida.

Rain in tropical garden.

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Back and refreshed

Woohoo…I’m back from my trip from the mighty land where ancient civilizations were born. It was a trip of a life time! Simply spectacular! I’m so happy that we were able to do this at this time in life. However, I was ready come back after 8 days of heat and non-stop travel. Now I’m jet-lagged and a bit sick. I still feel I’m in the desert, dehydrated and sleep deprived. I’ll be back to my regular schedule once I catch up on some sleep. I have a loooooot to share, not to mention, many pictures of amazing sights of Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Abu Simbel. For now, here is one for your eye candy … the panoramic view of the Pyramids in Giza.

Feb, 25, 2010
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A trip to Los Cabos

Turns out I have become a big time procrastinator this year. Instead of keeping up with my work and other important activities, I’m putting things aside and forming a stronger bond with my television. Sigh! I keep thinking that I would post the pictures from my recent trip to Cabo, but I end  up watching another movie and falling asleep on my comfy couch. Weather is not cooperating either! Non-stop rain is only making me want to sleep more. But finaly, I’m able to share a few pictures from my trip. I thought I had a lot to share, bit I realized that I didn’t take that many pictures this time (like any other time actually)! So here you go, a few snaps, mostly taken from the car on our road trip to Todos Santos and a few from the boat ride.

Jan, 17, 2010

On our second day at Cabo, we decided to rent a car and take a day trip to Todos Santos. It’s a small town about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas. I took random pictures from the car. My goal was to take pictures of anything that looks unusual and interesting.

There were Cactus every where. I thought it was beautiful!

I read on a magazine that “Art & Beer” is the place for beautiful art and good beer. We found it right by the highway.

And when you want to carry around your beer, use this…

Want boots? Got boots!

Right outside an art gallery we saw this and terminator came into my mind. This is an electric meter!

We also went for whale watching. We took a water taxi and went right into the pacific ocean.

And the whale was right there…not one, not two, but many…I caught the tail of one of them.

We visited the Medano beach. See the rows of fancy resorts in the background?

Of course, there was a cruise ship…

We stayed in between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. It was a smaller resort, more like suites, but a beautiful place with private beach. LOVED it!

It was a pretty short trip, but quite relaxing. It started raining right before we left for the airport. I’m pretty sure we are going back there in the near future, may be sooner than we think…

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