Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Bye Bye 2009

Oh, what a year it has been!!! I don’t think I had another 12-month time so crazy like this one. It was a good crazy though. I looked back at the beginning of the year and realized how much I have accomplished. To be honest, this entire decade (2000-2009) has been incredible for me. I know many people who probably would say similar things. I have gone through major changes during this time. I even took the time to list out the 10 major self-accomplishments of the decade. Here goes the list chronologically.

Dec, 31, 2009

1. The decade started with a celebration of Y2K near the Big Ben, right by the river Thames in London, UK. My mom brought me the opportunity to be there and I had that amazing experience to welcome the new millennium with million other people.

2. I travelled through the continents and settled in the United States.

3. Graduated from college with a computer engineering degree.

4. Landed with a job in a super successful high-tech start up in California. I was super excited about that!

5. Moved from Kansas to California. Bought a brand new Honda Accord the day I moved to Nor Cal. It was a big deal! My old Camry expired after causing major headache and I promised to myself, the day I would get a job, I would by a brand new car. I did it!

6. Got engaged and married to the man I loved. It was a big deal too. He was the one, I knew!

7. Bought my first camera ever, I never had a camera of my own before that. I bought 3 disposable cameras during my college days and that was it. So, after many days of research I bought my first camera, Canon Rebel XT. That was the beginning of many things that followed!

8. Impressions by Nudrat Photography was born! I started my own business after one-year of shooting and working with several photographers. I spent literally hundreds of hours reading and practicing techniques of photography. I never thought of doing something like this. After two years of hard work, it became a profitable business.

9. Jason and I bought our first home!!! It was another mile stone. We made the home our own, it’s a true representation of our casual style.

10. At the end of the decade I landed with another job at a major tech company. Many, many people I grew up with dreamt of having a job in this company, so I guess, it’s a good deal.

I am now excited to see what awaits in the coming future. It’s been an incredible journey all throughout. I hope 2010 brings much joy and peace to the world and into everybody’s life. My warm wishes for you all. Thank you so much for coming back to my blog every now and then. Please continue with your visits, cause you’ll see a lot more in the coming year.

Have a fantastic 2010!!!

Peace and Love…

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back to business

Wondering where I have been? Not too far geographically, really. It was just a three and a half hour plane ride to the south-west of the Mexican peninsula. I was on my annual vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico. It was too short of a trip in my opinion. We had only 3 full days and 1 half day and to top it off we had one full day of miserable waits at the airports, thanks to the crazy people who commit ridiculous acts!!! Despite the airport ordeals I’m feeling quite happy that we were able to make this trip. I needed some time off really badly.

Dec, 29, 2009

My Christmas in Cabo was nothing like Christmas. I loaded my stomach with authentic mexican food and then took a boat trip to see the Land’s end. Then headed to the restaurants again. Glad I wasn’t counting calories the entore time, but I am feeling every single point now

Oh well, it was a vacation after all.

Two more days till 2009 ends. This will also be the end of my twenties (noooooo….). I can’t believe that I have come that far! This topic deserves a blog post of it’s own, so I’ll save that for the last one of the year. Meanwhile, enjoy a beautiful view from my last day at Cabo. It was a cloudy day, started raining when we left the hotel for the airport. The image was taken from the balcony of the hotel restaurant. The hotel looks out to the Sea of Cortez, which eventually meets the pacific ocean.

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Things have been pretty crazy lately. I may sound like a broken radio, but seriously, I don’t know how my days go by. I have been planning on returning my sister’s call for the past few days, I finally made it happen today. I also cleaned up my office, backed up the images and delivered the DVDs from September-October weddings. I had a few minutes to myself today to think about all the stuff that had happened in last two months. It’s been exactly a month since I left my previous employer, still can’t get over the sorrow. I know I shouldn’t get that emotional about the whole thing, but I’m not Me without soft sentiments. I wish I wasn’t so sappy sometimes! The price I pay for such acts is not just worth it.

Nov, 22, 2009

It’s the holiday season again. Looks like this year’s turkey day is going to be a quiet one, although I still plan on cooking something special. I’m sorta bummed that I won’t get to go on my dream vacation in December due to lack of planning and overpriced air tickets. But I still wanna take a trip somewhere, possibly tropical, to escape from miserable Sac weather.

I have one more wedding coming up right after the Thanksgiving, so excited about this one! After that I’ll say bye bye to the wedding season this year. I also realized that I never shared the part II of the wedding I shot in Boston. Here’s a few …

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This and that…

If you are following my blog, you already know the stuff that has been happening with me besides shooting weddings. It’s unbelievable how things happen in my life! I have this crazy side of me, where I decide to do something and I just make an attempt to do it. It’s not that these are just random acts of my mind. I prepare for things, I think through the dark and bright sides and then aim for success. Changing a job was an event happened that way. I didn’t really think that I would find another equally great job in this economy, but I did. I must have just gotten very lucky and I’m thankful for that.

Nov, 03, 2009

In addition to dealing with my already insane schedule, I’m coping with a long commute to work everyday. That means waking up earlier, rushing to work and stressing about the traffic that I may have to face both ways. Although my husband advised me to stay calm about the traffic situation, my tragic mind (I’m still recovering from the fact that I will no longer be working with my husband) doesn’t completely allow me to do so. What do I do during that time? I listen to music. Today, for the second time, I got to hear John Mayer’s latest single on the radio. If you don’t know already, I am a BIG FAN of John!!!!! Here is a youtube video of his song “who says”. Fancy it!

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A bit of time off

As of last night I am a full time photographer that will last for a week and half. Besides the scheduled back to back shoots I have starting from this weekend, I have no day job to go to. This hasn’t happened in more than ten years. I haven’t had times when I wasn’t going to school or working day and night. I didn’t have to wake up this morning to get ready for work. I feel like a house-wife, sort of. I could sit on my PJ’s all day long, blog from my couch while enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Now, that did sounds like how a day should be! Not for long though, I’ll be back to my regular schedule before I even know. Right now I should just enjoy one week of downtime.

Oct, 22, 2009

Today is also the first time I am blogging from my new MacbookPro. I LOVE my Mac. I got the smallest one, it’s super easy to use, light weight and portable. Now my clients will get to view the slideshows on my new Macbook. My hubby also got me a brand new, the ltest version of 24inch Dell monitor for the photographers. The images look even better on that monitor. I’m fully equipped for the future wedding seasons. I’m also in the hunt for a regular assistant to help me with my administrative, wedding and potentially some editing work. If you know of anyone reliable who might be interested, shoot me an email.

I guess I should go out to make a good use of the day. The weather is beautiful. It will be a shame to spend the whole day on this lazy couch. Perhaps a light jog will be a good start to my staycation.

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