Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

California Nature

We drove all around from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe over our self declared three day weekend. Reason…my friend’s visit in town! The weather was gorgeous, the sky was blue and Nor Cal beauty was at it’s best! I didn’t take that many pictures but a few for your pleasure.

We started at the Golden Gate.

May, 13, 2009

Then stopped at the Sutro Bath ruins.

Walked through the cave/tunnel down at Sutro Bath.

Next day we headed to Tahoe.

Ended our day there with a nice sunset by the South Lake.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a weekend and go out somewhere. A trip is always more fun with old friends anyway. Here is a shot of my friend Asif attempting to capture the flow of the waterfalls up in Tahoe. He is an avid photographer with mad skills in landscape photography. Make sure you check out his flickr page.

  • ohana photographers: simply gorgeous!! we so badly want to go back to san francisco!
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Too little time, too many things to do!

No, I am not giving excuses. Between work, meetings, reorganizing, rebranding and reinventing my business, I’m hardly finding any time to spend on here. But let me tell you that there are many things happening in the background. You’ll get some exciting news soon, (may be in a month or so, it’s in works)!!! I am going to have a super busy May and June. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s going to be very exciting. The changes are going to be great! Stay tuned.

Apr, 23, 2009

No post is complete without pictures. So I’m gonna leave you with some pretty pictures for your eye candy. These are from our hike by the Folsom lake (yes, we went there again, but to a different point this time).
Purple was the theme of the day. Purple wild flowers were everywhere…

It was 90 something degrees that day. So hot for April…but perfect for a day by the lake. People were out already…

The water was ice-cold from the melting snow.

The sun was high, but made it a great day for a nice hike. Will be back there soon for sure …

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Mini hiking trip

March & April are the most pleasant months in Sacramento. Weather has been so beautiful lately that we refuse to stay at home during the weekends. One thing I love about living here is that we can find beautiful places to visit within a short drive. Last weekend we wanted to visit Daffodil Hills. But the location was closed due to snow. So we decided to take a short hike instead.

Mar, 29, 2009

Luckily we have friends who enjoy the outdoor activities. We all went by the Folsom Lake in search for hiking trails. We ended up finding one of the most beautiful walking and mountain biking trails right by the lake. It kinds reminded me of Highway 1. One side of the trail had the beautiful view of the lake and the other was of hills and big trees. It was really beautiful. We caught the sunset over the lake. I had to take some pictures, thankfully I had my toys with me

This is a part of Eldorado Hills from on top of another hill …

We were trying to figure out how to get to that island(perhaps a jet ski?).
Sunset over Folsom Lake.
  • Sylvia Borgo Photography: So breathtakingly gorgeous! What a treat for my eyes!
  • Tim Halberg: and to think I used to live in Sac and have been to Folsom a bunch of times! I love getting out hiking!!! (actually need to do more of that locally)
  • Steve: Stunning fine art images, amazing compositions.
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Spring flowers = Allergies

Today I went to Grass Valley, CA(about 50mins from Roseville) for an engagement shoot(commentary and pictures coming soon). The shoot was at the beautiful Empire Mine State Park. We have never been there before so I was pretty excited to explore the new place. The drive was great, the couple was extremely nice and gorgeous, the location was perfect for the shoot. The only thing was that my camera and the lenses were covered with pollen(not sure how to clean them, any ideas?) I was amazed to see the yellow specs all over my gadgets. I looked around, the spring flowers were in full bloom.

May, 10, 2008

I have developed severe allergies ever since I moved to California – I lose my voice every spring, I suffer from sneeze, cold and severe congestion, red eye(what else do I need?) due to this pollen, and now they are all over my cameras? Anyway, the flowers were beautiful, the vibrant colors were to die for. They made me sneeze for sure, but they were really pretty.

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