Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

San Francisco Redwood City Engagement Session: Tran + Bill

On a perfect Saturday morning, I drove down to the Bay to photograph Tran and Bill’s engagement session. We got lucky with the clear sky and the bright sun in San Francisco. Even the weather in Sutro Baths wasn’t that cold. I couldn’t have hoped for a better weekend for the shoot. And the couple totally worked it in front of the camera. Can’t wait to photograph for their gorgeous wedding in less than a month!

Enjoy some of my favorites.


Apr, 15, 2015
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Old Sacramento Engagement: Marian + Kelvin

What a great way to spend a day in the heart of Old Sacramento! After postponing their engagement session a couple weeks in a row (due to the rain), I finally met up with Marian and Kelvin on one bright and sunny afternoon. It was a perfect day for the shoot. They had so much fun being cute in front of the camera and I was all warm and fuzzy seeing these two so smitten in love. Can’t wait for their wedding in the Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma in March.

Feb, 08, 2015
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Sacramento Capitol Park Engagement Session: L+C

I was trying to remember how long I have known them for. Seriously, it’s been that long! These two cuties have been together for as long as I can remember and who knows how many times I thought how cute they would be as my models for an engagement shoot! That thought was pretty much from when I was still relatively new in the business and was working my way through the ladder to find a space in the industry. I never knew that I would still be here today, photographing their engagement session, for real! Yes, this is the truth.

I was so excited when I learned about their engagement, not at the thought of photographing the event, but that it was finally happening. I saw the sparkle in her eyes, and he was very excited too. I was beyond happy and honored when Chris and Loryll asked me to photograph their wedding. I truly believe that the highest honor and testimony of all the hard work is when friends recognize it. And to have the opportunity to photograph friends’ special day is really honorable to me.

Chris and Loryll drove up from the Bay Area for their engagement session. We had a great time photographing around the Capitol park and in Old Sacramento. I think the images show the sweetness and love they share. I can’t wait to capture their wedding day in San Jose this Fall.



Jun, 27, 2014
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Downtown Sacramento Engagement Photography

It was a pleasure meeting up with Christine and Madhu for the very first time last weekend on their engagement session. Their wedding is only a couple of weeks away, but I am glad that we were finally able to go out there and have some fun photographing sweet moments of the couple before their big day. Christine worked in Sacramento downtown area for years, and she wanted some picture around the area. It was a super hot weekend, but a morning shoot made it easier on all of us. We definitely captured some fabulous moments. Here’s some highlights.

May, 28, 2014
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Old Sacramento Engagement Session

I was so excited to go back to Old Sacramento for Katy & Kurt’s engagement session. This couple is special for so many reasons. I have known Katy’s family ever since I moved out to California; and I have to say her mom is one of the sweetest I know. And Katy is no different.

I was already excited when Katy talked to me about her style and vision for wedding and photos. I was even more excited seeing Katy & Kurt when they walked in with their oh-so-cool-vintage-outfit. There was something so elegant about the Mint and Yellow. The details, the love, the looks – it was a perfect combo to mark the evening so memorable. We talked about the decor and plans for the big event. All I can say is that I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in 3 weeks!

Oct, 01, 2013
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