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Bains family || Roseville Sacramento lifestyle family portraits

Little over a week ago I met up with Gagan, Gurinder, Jaap and Kashni at their house for their annual family portrait session. Last year we has this session in the woods. This year we decided to go with a pure lifestyle session, capturing their everyday moments. I have to say that I LOVED every moment of it! It was so much fun. I realized one more time how much I enjoy shooting (and spending time) with the families.

Oct, 26, 2009

Lifestyle sessions are fun. It allows people to capture the real moments that will remind them of their golden days forever. I highly recommend families having lifestyle portrait sessions every year if situation permits. My benefit as a photographer is that I get to capture the casual moments of a family and tell their stories through my images. At the same time I get to know everybody to a point where I feel I’m a part of them. This surely is a benefit for a people person llike me. I have gotten to know Gagan and her family in the similar way. Little Kashni is a year old now, and Jaap is growing into becoming a beautiful young girl. Last year I had the pleasure to shoot their family session for the first time. I was ecstatic when Gagan emailed this year to take their family photos one more time. I LOVE how the photos turned out. I hope you guys enjoy them as well.

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