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Audrey + Curtis || wedding sneak peak

Oh boy, I’m back in town and I have soooo much to post! Jason and I not only had a wonderful drive to SoCal, we had a wonderful time at Audrey and Curtis’s wedding. Curtis is Jason’s high school buddy. There are four of them who grew up together. These kids went into different directions after high school but nothing had stopped them from meeting up atleast once a year and spending quality times.

It was my pleasure to photograph Curtis and Audrey’s beautiful wedding at the Scripps park, La Jolla. The location was stunning! This was one of the most beautiful wedding locations I have ever seen. The tiny grassy area facing the pacific ocean was perfect for an intimate wedding.

Jun, 16, 2008

Audrey looked absolutely gorgeous on her off-white wedding gown.

It was a cold afternoon in San Diego, the wind was blowing so hard! Yet the couple held up pretty well to take some awesome pictures. Curtis and Audrey make a beautiful couple. They are super cool, talented and they know how to have fun.

It was a lot of fun for the highschool buddies to see each other again. Curtis is the second one to get married(after Jason), so I asked, who would be next?

There are many more to share from the wedding. I’ll put up a slideshow soon. Until then, enjoy these… Thanks to Curtis and Audrey for allowing me to shoot their wedding. I couldn’t ask for a better experience guys…

  • david & kimi baxter: oh my goodness nudrat!!!! the bride is StUNNING in these shots!! wow. just wow. 2nd to last pic is my fave!!
  • Nudrat Shams Owens: Thank you so much David :)) I had so much fun with them.
  • Jen Stewart Photography: GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!!! What more can I say :)
  • Shutterfever: I think the bride is gorgeous, but who is the groom??? SEXY! SEXY! SEXY! You should have taken more pictures of that guy, otherwise the photos looks PERFECT!
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