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Apple picking at Applehills

Apple Hills, CA(30-mins from Sacramento, 1-hr from my house) is well known for the apple orchards and beautiful vineyards. You can go there during the apple season and pick your own apple. Jason and I go there every year, but we return home with a big, delicious dutch apple pie. We never get to pick apples ’cause the season is over by the time we get there. This year we tagged along with a few other friends who were as enthusiastic about apple picking at the Apple Hills.

We ended up going to an orchard which was also a vineyard. The owner said “Grapes are free if you can find any.” So we walked through the grape vines in search for grapes; we ended up finding a lot!

Sunny, my friend, loves apple. It was fun watching her going from tree to tree to pick the golden delicious. We ended up with buckets full of grapes and apples by end of the time.

My friend Sheila also joined us. She is expecting her baby in November. She is gorgeous and glowing at her seven-month pregnancy! I am very excited for her to start the new family soon with her new baby boy!

It was an extremely hot day! You’d think that the weather would be cool enough there since summer had officially ended a few days back. But it was upper 90’s at the Apple Hills. Despite the heat we had a lot of fun! It was a success this time; we managed to make it there during the apple season Not only we returned home with an apple pie, but also with freshly picked apples and grapes from Applehills.
Sep, 28, 2008
  • ohana photographers-david and kimi: these came out absolutely gorgeous!! love the apples!! beautiful images of your friend too!
  • gerald carvalho: That's so cool...!!! would you mind if I ask you the exact location of this orchard please Nudrat?


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