Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Meadow Vista wedding: The Whitsons

A few days ago I was surprised by an email in my mailbox. It was from a man who is pretty much the root of the reason I am here in California. It was close to six years ago when I first travelled to Roseville, CA for a job interview at a start up fabless semiconductor company in town. I got the job and I’m thankful to several people for hiring me in. Years passed since then, but one thing I never forgot was the warm greetings this gentleman named Bob Whitson extended to me (shortly after I learned that he was the CEO of the company).

Jul, 15, 2010

Not for one he let me realize that I was just an interview candidate. I can go on for long writing about how incredible my experiences have been with him; he and I even share the same wedding date

Ok, now on to the point, Bob contacted me to photograph his son Drew and his wife to be Jackie’s baby/engagement/wedding celebration party. It was definitely an

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Ten seconds of happiness : Part 1

I just can’t figure out the weather here in Sac. It rained all night and day when it was supposed to be bright and sunny; it was humid when I expected it to be dry. But now it’s super hot in here, as expected! I can’t imagine staying out for too long when it hits 3 digits. I’m envious of those who have a pool in their backyard!

Jul, 11, 2010

Sitting at the breakfast counter this morning, I came up with a new topic for blog. It’s about random little things that give me instant happiness. I thought it would be fun to share with ya’ll. I was trying to find the “perfect” title for this series of posts. While perfection is hard to achieve, I think “ten seconds of happiness” reflects the state of my mind when I’m experiencing/observing/tasting those random little things. I bet we all feel this way at times. Don’t we? With that begins the new category of posts, “Ten Seconds of Happiness”.

This week’s mention goes to –

1. My new Blowfish Shoes – I found these cute shoes during my recent visit to Macy’s at the Roseville Galleria Mall. Although I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything, after 65% off, $10 final price and learning how comfy they were, I couldn’t resist bringing those cuties home! It was a killer deal and I was so happy to have them! What can I say, every girl loves a cute pair of shoes and so do I!

2. Grilled peaches with brown sugar and cream cheese – Heavenly goodness! If you are on my facebook and/or following me on twitter, you know that we have a peach tree in our backyard. This was the first season when we had tree full of peaches. Unfortunately, we were lucky enough to consume only a few of those. Silly birds ate most of them! My hubby picked a few from the tree and prepared this delicious dessert with grilled peaches. He got the recipe from All recipies and improvised a little bit! It was mouthwatering! If you love peaches and want to try out something new, try this recipe.

3. Low carb, high fibre wheat tortillas – I got them at costco. A friend of mine recommended them. On the first day I thought that they taste like cardboard soaked in water (they really do!). The second day (today) I tried them with vegetable curry and I thought they weren’t too bad! With a name like “low carb, high fibre tortilla” I couldn’t expect any more than that. Overall I was happy with how they tasted.

What made you happy this week? Feel free to share the random bliss …

Here’s an image of beautiful little Lili who is now all big and entering the terrible two’s! I adore her and she has been a source of happiness for the past two years …

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remembering dad

I almost don’t remember his voice anymore. It was 3rd of July, 1993 when I had my last conversation with him; I have no memory of what we talked about. It’s been seventeen years since my dad passed away. When America was celebrating it’s 217th year of independence, I was sitting on steps of a military hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh waiting to hear good news from the doctors. That news never came; he passed away in the early dawn of the next day. We all returned home but he didn’t.

Jul, 03, 2010

I have mourned the day ever since (including the before and after). It was hard for me to lose the “man” in my life. A part of me was so numb, I didn’t even realize that. I didn’t celebrate 4th of July during my early years in the United States; I used to corner myself into a room, keep away from the crowd. It wasn’t until I met the man I have today, my husband, when that numbness started to go away. I started getting into the crowd, celebrating the birth of the USA. I live here today, I live the life that my father could only dream about. As I look at the fireworks every year and dance with the music, I remember my dad. I don’t have him today, but I will always remain his little girl. He will always be the special man in my life.

I miss him so much.

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Meadow Vista photographer || Jackie & Drew

Oh sweet summer! It’s the time of the year to hold outdoor parties! Recently I had a chance to shoot a baby/wedding combo celebration party hosted by a very special man, Bob Whitson. It was s party for Bob’s son Drew and beautiful Jackie. Bob is pretty much the root of the reason I’m here in California. Let me just say that he co-founded a high-tech start-up in Roseville and I happened to get a job there, which resulted in me moving to Nor Cal, and that made Jason to leave his job in KS, move here as well with a job in the same company, then we got marrried on the same day when Bob celebrates his wedding anniversary. See the connection here? It’s that simple.

Jun, 18, 2010

I was thrilled and surprised when Bob contacted me to photograph Jackie and Drew’s event. I almost couldn’t believe it! It was such an honor! Thank you, Bob, for trusting me my technical and artistic abilities

The party was held at the Whitson’s enormous backyard! I loved all the colorful details Sandy picked out to create a great summer theme. The gumball machines as favors, delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, sliders, korean beef, love blossom seeds, the Salsa band, umbrellas, popcorn, snow-cones and what not! It was a beautiful celebration for Jackie and Drew. Jackie is super sweet, she is funny and loves to laugh. I’m so glad that I got to know her a bit that day. She was fun to talk with and she played along so well the whole time with her 8-month baby-belly! This is an exciting time for the Whitson family and I wish Drew and Jackie the very best.

Beautiful Jackie.

The details and decores of the day –

The family –

  • OHAHA PHOTOGRAPHERS: aw they are SO cute!!! love this session and all the details nudrat!
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Sacramento Engagement: Ann & Josh

I was thinking about how I clicked so well with Ann & Josh! We met at the Folsom Bridal Show at Lake Natoma Inn. The moment I heard that they were getting married in Lake Natoma, I was on like a light bulb…yeahhhh…we got married there too; a solid reason to connect ;) It brought my memories back from 2005. They planned for a short engagement and a quick wedding…just like us! And the list can go on. I was so excited to know that I’ll get to shoot Ann & Josh’s Lake Natoma wedding. Yesterday we headed out to downtown Sacramento after a quick photo session at their residence with their cats tweeky and chito. It was a fun shoot at the Capitol Rose Garden and at the tower bridge. I love, love, love that yellow bridge…can’t go wrong with an image in front of it. Enjoy a few snaps from their shoot.

Jun, 14, 2010

This Tower bridge shot is my favorite!!! Love the details!

Another fave…

  • amy terrell: Josh and Ann, you're having way too much fun with this! With your flash and Nudrat's eye for composition, you've got a collection of recording album covers here that just need some Country Tunes to back them up.
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