Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

It’s a bliss

I walked down the aisle with my mom. There weren’t any blings or bubbles, or fancy decores. It was just a concrete path that I was ready to go across and make it official. And it happened that way. My mom gave me away, he took my hands, we said our “I DO”s, we turned around, saw our families there smiling at us with our closest friends in the bridal party. We were all so happy.

Sep, 18, 2010

It’s been five years…five darn good years. Yes, we fight, we cry and we stop talking for a few hours, we be silly and emotional, but at the end of day we are for each other. He will still have to eat what I call my fake-fusion-cooking, I will still have to endure him playing video games at the most annoying times of the day (in my book there is no good time for playing video games, what’s with video games anyway??). I will still be irritating often times and complaining non-stop about silly things in life, he will still be attempting to have a conversation with me about the art of basketball and his favorite players (who I can care less about). But this is who we are. With our differences and similarities, we are One.

Happy Anniversary, husband.

This amazing piece of gold jewelery can be considered antique by any standards. It was my mom’s wedding jewelery from the mid 60’s. I had the privilege of wearing this on my wedding day.

  • OHANA PHOTOGRAPHERS: happy anniversary nudrat!!! best video game time? 3 am. that's my time :D
  • Michael A White: Happy anniversary Jason and Nudrat! And many more wonderful years to come..... :)
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Sacramento wedding photographer, Roseville wedding photographer

Yayyy for my anniversary month and it’s 5 year to be exact. It’s a milestone and an occassion to celebrate (of course every year is a celebration for us ;). I love being married, I love the moments this blissful marriage has brought to me, I love being the Mrs, let me just put it that way. And I enjoy my status as a wife, a corporate job-holder and a woman in business.

With that, comes the announcement for my 5-yr Anniversary special for 2011 weddings.

Sep, 12, 2010

Book in September and get a discount for your wedding next year. Please send your inquiries at – info@impressionsbynudrat.com

Offer is also valid for Portrait sessions. Just shoot me an email and I will hook you up with a sweet discount for your fun, fabulous portrait sessions.

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Charles Krug Winery Wedding: Nicole & JP

This journey began nine years ago in New York city.

He travelled from Minnnesota and she was from Nor Cal. Fate brought them together and the relationship took a turn where there was no looking back. They travelled to many places together. It was only a year ago when they decided to make it official during their vacation in Paris. I don’t have the words to describe the incredible story they have; it was like a dream, almost like a movie that I’d want to watch many times over. The ceremony was magical!

Sep, 02, 2010

The story of love their family and friends shared were truly remarkable. I felt warm tears rolling down my cheeks as Nicole and JP took their vows. I could only imagine the moment they promised their love to each other on one of their many long walks in the New York streets.

It was a celebration of love; the love Nicole and JP shared, the love their dear family and friends had in store for them. The Italian Celebrezione took place at the Charles Krug Winery in St. Helena. The Carriage House is absolutely gorgeous. This was a wedding I have been waiting to shoot since I heard all about it from Nicole. Details, details, details…there were a lot of thoughtful details in this wedding. Nicole looked absolutely stunning on her Selia Yang designer gown. Beautiful vibrant color of hot pink & magenta added an extra charm. They had a Italian style sit-down dinner at the lawn infront of the Carriage house. The course began with delicious Caprese salad with the sweet tomatoes that Nicole’s mom grew in her garden. I had a pleasure of capturing Chef in action while he plating the salad.

Nicole and JP had a very unique ceremony. Family and friends were seating in a circular setting, Nicole, JP and the reverand of the day, Adam, Nicole’s brother were in the middle. Como, their adorable Golden Retreiver, had a special pillow to relax on while the ceremony was in progress. There was a vintage Vespa parked in front of the Carriage House, Celebrezione sign hannging from the balcony. They had vintage maps of San Francisco as guest sighning sheet. Nicole and JP took the stage to their first dance with the beautiful melody of “At Last” by Etta James, performed by the incredible, Bay Area band “Pride and Joy”. The night continued with the covers of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and many more.

I was honored, thrilled, overjoyed to be a part of Nicole and JP’s matrimonio. I fell in love with their family one more time (I first met them at the Bilardello+Hill wedding who also are incredibly wonderful)! I was touched by the love in every heart (I swear I’m in not making it up even a bit). And after knowing them so well and how they treated me, I felt like a part of their family. I just hope that I get to see them again in the near future.

Nicole and JP, I’m beyond excited for you! Have a fabulous time in Santorini!

Grazie, amore!

Love the vintage maps of San Francisco…

Circular ceremony …

The orange book and iPad…technology meets tradition…

The first kiss as mr and mrs …

Dinner tables…

Chef from Tra Vigne restaurant in Napa setting up the salad plates…

The first dance…

Last but not least, Nicole’ shoes! Gotta love those shoes! 

Location – Charles Krug Winery, Carriage House, St Helena, CA

Coordinator – Kellie Magna

Florist – Sarah Padilla

Awesome band – Pride and Joy

Caterer – http://www.travignerestaurant.com/

Photographer – Nudrat Owens

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South Lake Tahoe Wedding:Tiffany & Gustavo

Right when I sat down to write about this wedding, I couldn’t help but remember my first meeting with Tiffany & Gustavo. It was almost a year ago and in front of a coffee shop in Vacaville. We talked about the usual wedding stuff and then the couple told me their love story.

Aug, 22, 2010

How they met, how Gustavo ran home after work and proposed Tiffany on the roof top while watching the Perseid meteor shower, how surprised Tiffany was, how the girls (Nallah and Nohea – their dogs) brought the jewelry for Tiffany…and the story continued! I could tell that they were meant for each other. A year later, last week, I got to photograph their beach side wedding in South Lake Tahoe. Their story became a life-long commitment and a testimony of love.  

Tiffany looked breathtaking on her Casablanca gown. And Gustavo, on his traditional Salvadorian outfit, looked equally handsome. The bridal party was gorgeous on their mixed & matched peach-yellow-pink dresses and white Salvadorian shirt. I have to say, Tiffany picked the perfect flowers to go with her style. They were simple spider-mums, but I don’t think any other flowers could pull off that look they were going for. The wedding took place at the Lakeside beach, right before the sunset. The magic hour was perfect for their romantic ceremony. Beach front reception was beautiful at the Lakeside Beach and Grill. The bestman’s speech was one of the best, I have to say! And then the dancing…can’t write enough about the dancing skills of the bride and groom. I was especially blown away by Gustavo and his mom’s Latino dance…it was one of a kind!

The night ended on the beach with a sparkler exit of Tiffany & Gustavo. It was a spectacular night for all. I am so, so happy for the gorgeous couple. Once again I realized why I love weddings so much…the opportunity to meet such beautiful people who are also bautiful at hearts, and I get the honor of capturing their most special moments. Thank you, Tiffany & Gustavo, for having me their on your wedding day. I wish you the very best in life.

Now enjoy a few of my favorites from the day.

The first look moment was so tender –

  • Mariea Rummel: Beautiful job! Love the one of her on the stairs and the lighting during the first dance!
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San Diego Engagement: Mehnaz + Manny

Things have been pretty crazy lately. I have been travelling since last weekend shooting and working all over from Southern Cal to Southern States to South Tahoe. Well, one of the trips was for my day job. After an entire week of travel, I’m finally home and relaxed. I’m at a point that I have to skip posting sessions on blog ’cause I’m so behind processing them. Here’s a few from last weekend’s shoot in San Diego. They were from my friends Mehnaz and Manny’s engagement session.

Aug, 15, 2010

Mehnaz and I were close friends in 3rd-4th grades. Not just classmates, we used to eat lunch together during out lunch breaks. She was a dancer; I used to get suoer excited whenever she was on TV. Then she moved away to United States and we lost touch. Fate (AKA Facebook) brought us back in touch. It’s not that I searched her name on a friend finder. She was a contact in my cousin’s friend list and I happened to see a comment she posted on my cousin’s page. BINGO…we are back in touch! Not only that, I’m shooting her wedding in Phoenix this Thanksgiving.   

I had the pleasure of meeting Manny, Mehnaz’s finace, last weekend for the first time. I was so happy to see them so in love. Mehnaz is a dear friend of mine, I’m so excited to have the opportunity to photograph their wedding.

  • OHANA PHOTOGRAPHERS: rocked it in our hood nudrat! hope your trip out here was awesome!
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