Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Meadow Vista photographer || Jackie & Drew

Oh sweet summer! It’s the time of the year to hold outdoor parties! Recently I had a chance to shoot a baby/wedding combo celebration party hosted by a very special man, Bob Whitson. It was s party for Bob’s son Drew and beautiful Jackie. Bob is pretty much the root of the reason I’m here in California. Let me just say that he co-founded a high-tech start-up in Roseville and I happened to get a job there, which resulted in me moving to Nor Cal, and that made Jason to leave his job in KS, move here as well with a job in the same company, then we got marrried on the same day when Bob celebrates his wedding anniversary. See the connection here? It’s that simple.

Jun, 18, 2010

I was thrilled and surprised when Bob contacted me to photograph Jackie and Drew’s event. I almost couldn’t believe it! It was such an honor! Thank you, Bob, for trusting me my technical and artistic abilities

The party was held at the Whitson’s enormous backyard! I loved all the colorful details Sandy picked out to create a great summer theme. The gumball machines as favors, delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, sliders, korean beef, love blossom seeds, the Salsa band, umbrellas, popcorn, snow-cones and what not! It was a beautiful celebration for Jackie and Drew. Jackie is super sweet, she is funny and loves to laugh. I’m so glad that I got to know her a bit that day. She was fun to talk with and she played along so well the whole time with her 8-month baby-belly! This is an exciting time for the Whitson family and I wish Drew and Jackie the very best.

Beautiful Jackie.

The details and decores of the day –

The family –

  • OHAHA PHOTOGRAPHERS: aw they are SO cute!!! love this session and all the details nudrat!
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Sacramento Engagement: Ann & Josh

I was thinking about how I clicked so well with Ann & Josh! We met at the Folsom Bridal Show at Lake Natoma Inn. The moment I heard that they were getting married in Lake Natoma, I was on like a light bulb…yeahhhh…we got married there too; a solid reason to connect ;) It brought my memories back from 2005. They planned for a short engagement and a quick wedding…just like us! And the list can go on. I was so excited to know that I’ll get to shoot Ann & Josh’s Lake Natoma wedding. Yesterday we headed out to downtown Sacramento after a quick photo session at their residence with their cats tweeky and chito. It was a fun shoot at the Capitol Rose Garden and at the tower bridge. I love, love, love that yellow bridge…can’t go wrong with an image in front of it. Enjoy a few snaps from their shoot.

Jun, 14, 2010

This Tower bridge shot is my favorite!!! Love the details!

Another fave…

  • amy terrell: Josh and Ann, you're having way too much fun with this! With your flash and Nudrat's eye for composition, you've got a collection of recording album covers here that just need some Country Tunes to back them up.
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Fresno wedding photography || Briana & Lee

June 5 was Briana and Lee’s wedding day. It wasn’t an ordinary wedding. Briana and Lee had waited years for this day to come and when the BIG DAY finally arrived, they couldn’t resist the emotions. They were excited, over joyed, ecstatic and at the same time they were floating in a pool of emotion. The day was here, and they made it through all the years have been together to make it to the big day!

Jun, 12, 2010

The wedding took place at D&D ranch in Madera, CA, just 15 mins north of Fresno. I have to be honest, it was my kind of ranch – very eclectic, classy and refreshingly beautiful. I loved the open fields where you could see the blue sky and the tip of the mountains of the Yosemite valley. The ranch had a western themed area; we totally took advantage of it for photos. The couple took the dance floor to their first dance inside the red barn when the best man played their favorite song in guitar. Oh, and not to forget the burger bar!!! Who says you can’t have burgers at a wedding? I couldnt finish counting the topings for burgers!

Shooting Bri and Lee’s wedding was a unique experience for me. The bond each people in both the families share is beyond description. God is in their heart. They show the true meaning of love and relationship. It is a blessing to have such support from friends and families. I’m very excited for Briana and Lee and their fresh new chapter of life. Here are some images from their big day …

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Fresno Madera Wedding Photography

It was a crazy weekend! I photographed a wedding on Saturday; it was in Fresno/Madera, CA. Then we spent the entire Sunday driving through the Yosemite valley. Both of these days were incredible! Briana and Lee’s wedding day was beyond spectacular! The views at Yosemite were breathtaking! Overall it was a weekend to remember. Here is a shot from the wedding. More coming soon …

Jun, 06, 2010
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