Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Roseville Wedding Photographer: Mehnaz & Manny’s wedding in Phoenix

He picked a fine day in San Diego to promise his life to her. He asked her parents’ for their blessings and asked her hands in marriage. She, of course, felt it all along. She fell for him and said YES. They made it official over the Thanksgiving weekend and celebrated the occassion in style. Not to forget the “sister”, who played a big role in making all of these a reality. They are one lucky couple with one awesome sister!

Dec, 29, 2010

Mehnaz and I were friends in fourth grade. To be honest, I remember very little about how we were as kids, but I do remember the friendship we had. Photographing her wedding was a great opprtunity for me to learn Mehnaz & Manny as a couple…I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Mehnaz looked that incredibly gorgeous on her wedding day! And Manny, not to forget, were gorgeously handsom in his traditional groom’s attire. The couple took the stage and graced the evening with their looks, charm and modesty. It was a beautiful evening, created by and for a beautiful couple.

The reception took place in a brand new location in Phoenix, San Tan Elegant ball room. Manny’s entrace was an epic moment for me for many reasons…1) the groom was riding a horse and was escorted by his family and friends and a group of Bhangra dancers from Los Angeles 2) hundred some people from bride’s side was holding the gate for the groom for money (this is a tradition in every Bengali wedding) … 3) I was squeezing in to the crowd to capture groom’s cash-giving moments and my 24-70L lens feel off the camera, right in front the groom!!! It was quite embarassing when the groom had to pick up the lens, but the good news is no one was hurt!
The night was perfect. The music, the dance scores, food, decores, the people were amazing! The party ended with the departure of Mehnaz and Manny in a vintage Rolls Royce. This was an emotional moment for the parents’ to let go of their daughter. The entire community blessed the couple and waved them good bye.

Mehnaz & Manny — I’m so glad I was there to witness and capture your most special moments. I don’t think I can explain how I feel! Best wishes and lots of love…xoxo.

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Happy Holidays…

My year couldn’t be any better without your support. Thank you for making time to come by this blog, leaving comments, sending me sweet emails. You have been beyond inspiring through out my journey. I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and wish you a fabulous holiday season.

Dec, 25, 2010
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Featured : Sacramento Wedding Photographer

I was excited to get an email from Sana over at South Asian Bridal Magazine that Amal & Mohamed’s wedding was featured on their blog. While I’m a bit late, but still excited to share this on my blog. You can check it at – South Asian Bridal Magazine Blog

Dec, 20, 2010
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Bangladeshi, South Asian wedding photography in Phoenix: Mehnaz & Manny

Couple weeks ago I flew over to Phoenix, AZ to photograph Mehnaz & Manny’s weekend long wedding events. Mehnaz & Manny picked the best time of the year for their wedding. The three-day event began on the day of Thanksgiving with a Muslim wedding ceremony at their residence. Second day event was at The Tempe Center for the Arts.

Dec, 12, 2010

This brand new location was beautiful inside and out. The main hall was beautifully decoated by the friends and families, especially the stage for bride and groom was incredible! It’s really hard to find the traditional decores in the west. Most of the items were brought in from South Asia or Middle East at different times by different people. Putting it all together and making it look so gorgeous is a true work of art. Friends and families rocked the evening with awesome music and dance performances. They were all there to show Mehnaz & Manny their love and support.

Enjoy some highights from Mehnaz & Manny’s Bangladeshi Holud Ceremony, where friends and family bless the couple before the big event. This is when the festivities begins. Yellow is the main color of the day. Usually people wear bright, festive colors to add more to the already-colorful day. This is my most favorite of all the Bangladeshi events. I have had the joy of witnessing and capturing the moments from this day that I hope will bring the memories back to Mehnaz & Manny for many, many…years to come.

  • Mariea Rummel: Beautiful Nudrat! Love the lighting! #2, #3 and them holding hands are my favorites.
  • Chris Stewart: OMG Nudrat i know I saw these on your facebook but WOW!!! This is such a beautiful wedding you did!! Absolutely perfect!!!
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Sacramento wedding photographer: Aftershoot

It was a little more than a year ago when I photographed Donaji and Ryan’s wedding at the Grand Island Mansion. And it was just about two weeks ago when I saw Donaji & Ryan again on their aftershoot/bridal session. It was so nice seeing them and reliving the memories from their big day. We had a lot of fun running around the park and getting some spectacular shots of this beautiful, down to earth couple. We ended up with the perfect light for the shoot…can never go wrong with the golden light from the setting sun. The weather was also the perfect kind…not so cold, not so warm..grass was turning green…ground dried up after a few days of rainfall. Donaji couldn’t have picked a better time for their shoot. Here are some of my favorites…

Nov, 22, 2010
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