Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Michelle & Trevor || South Lake Tahoe wedding photographer

Michelle & Trevor’s Disney themed wedding at Edgewood Golf Course, South Lake Tahoe.

Full story coming soon…

Oct, 28, 2009

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  • Michelle’s Maternity || Sacramento Roseville Maternity photography | Nudrat Owens Michelle’s Maternity || Sacramento Roseville Maternity photography | Nudrat Owens Photography: [...] had the opportunity to photograph M&T’s beautiful wedding at Tahoe not too long ago. And now with baby Liam on the way, I had the opportunity to photograph her [...]
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Bains family || Roseville Sacramento lifestyle family portraits

Little over a week ago I met up with Gagan, Gurinder, Jaap and Kashni at their house for their annual family portrait session. Last year we has this session in the woods. This year we decided to go with a pure lifestyle session, capturing their everyday moments. I have to say that I LOVED every moment of it! It was so much fun. I realized one more time how much I enjoy shooting (and spending time) with the families.

Oct, 26, 2009

Lifestyle sessions are fun. It allows people to capture the real moments that will remind them of their golden days forever. I highly recommend families having lifestyle portrait sessions every year if situation permits. My benefit as a photographer is that I get to capture the casual moments of a family and tell their stories through my images. At the same time I get to know everybody to a point where I feel I’m a part of them. This surely is a benefit for a people person llike me. I have gotten to know Gagan and her family in the similar way. Little Kashni is a year old now, and Jaap is growing into becoming a beautiful young girl. Last year I had the pleasure to shoot their family session for the first time. I was ecstatic when Gagan emailed this year to take their family photos one more time. I LOVE how the photos turned out. I hope you guys enjoy them as well.

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Anna & Ed || Old Sugar Mill Sacramento wedding photographer

For the second wedding on my mega wedding weekend I drove out to Old Sugar Mill to shoot Anna & Ed’s wedding. If you missed Anna and Ed’s engagement pictures, check them out. I don’t need to say much about the love the couple shares. It’s written all over! Anna looked gorgeoous on her vintage wedding gown. I loved the floral head-piece she was wearing. I was able to capture their first look at the vineyard across the street. It was a sweet, tender moment for the bride and groom.

Oct, 22, 2009

The location was awesome! I have been wanting to shoot at the old sugar mill for so long and finally I was able to at Ed & Anna’s wedding. They went with a vintage theme for the wedding, the flowers, the details were all hand picked and simply fabulous. Their flowers, center pieces and the gazebo was designed/decorated by the Visual Impact Design, the caterer was the Magpie Caterers, one of the best in the entire Sacramento area. I had the opportunity working with them in the past, their food is fresh, organic, needless to say, very, very tasty. Check out their cafe if in the area.

It was a pleasure being there for Anna & Ed, capturing their sweetest moments. Thank you so much guys for making me a part of your big. Now on to the pictures…don’t forget to leave some love on the blog…

The first look …

We got some awesome shots at the run down mill…

Their first dance in the barrel room…beautiful…

  • Sylvia Borgo: Absolutely gorgeous pictures of a beautiful couple!
  • Sherry: Wow!! Gorgeous photos and location! Very interesting.
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A bit of time off

As of last night I am a full time photographer that will last for a week and half. Besides the scheduled back to back shoots I have starting from this weekend, I have no day job to go to. This hasn’t happened in more than ten years. I haven’t had times when I wasn’t going to school or working day and night. I didn’t have to wake up this morning to get ready for work. I feel like a house-wife, sort of. I could sit on my PJ’s all day long, blog from my couch while enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Now, that did sounds like how a day should be! Not for long though, I’ll be back to my regular schedule before I even know. Right now I should just enjoy one week of downtime.

Oct, 22, 2009

Today is also the first time I am blogging from my new MacbookPro. I LOVE my Mac. I got the smallest one, it’s super easy to use, light weight and portable. Now my clients will get to view the slideshows on my new Macbook. My hubby also got me a brand new, the ltest version of 24inch Dell monitor for the photographers. The images look even better on that monitor. I’m fully equipped for the future wedding seasons. I’m also in the hunt for a regular assistant to help me with my administrative, wedding and potentially some editing work. If you know of anyone reliable who might be interested, shoot me an email.

I guess I should go out to make a good use of the day. The weather is beautiful. It will be a shame to spend the whole day on this lazy couch. Perhaps a light jog will be a good start to my staycation.

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to celebrate or not

I was going through the regular stuff at work this afternoon and realized that today is my 5th anniversary at my current job. Five years went by just like that!!! I can say that my life took a different turn during this time. I have a mixed feeling about this anniversary. Usually I’m very excited about this type of events in my life. In the past years I had taken my hubby out to dinner to celebrate while I had crossed off another year on the calender. But this year is a little different. My heart is tender and in pain, I am leaving my comfort here in two days to pursue newer challenges, to face the unknown.

Oct, 19, 2009

Countdown to my departure had already started two weeks ago. These two weeks have been extremely difficult for me. Actually the difficulty started even before that. Who knew that leaving a job would be this hard! But believe me, this has been ridiculously hard on me. I have gone back and forth about my decision many many times. To be honest, I still can’t believe that I’m doing this. One thing I realized during this process is that I’m wayyyy more emotionally attached to this place and it’s people than I thought. I felt more love in last one month than I ever felt before. May be I never took the time to feel this level of affection, but it was there. My heart is melting today (and it’s been since last few weeks). I decided to enjoy my last few days here and to look into the positives. All I can say is that have tremendous amount of gratitude for this place and it’s people and I’m appreciative of everything I received from here in last five years.

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