Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Boston wedding

Stay tuned for more images from the fabulous wedding I just shot at Boston…

Sep, 29, 2009
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not just another anniversary

It was just like another morning, the clock was ticking 7:30am, I woke up with a headache. I looked around, I saw my niece and nephew watching cartoon. I was so out of reality that I wondered what they were doing there (’cause they live in Toronto)! My sister who just had a brain surgery came by to see if I was up. I wondered how in the world she was walking around with a happy face!!! Then it all came back to me, I was getting married that day! It was my wedding day….

Sep, 18, 2009

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary. Haaaa…I don’t know where these four years had gone! To me it’s still so new, so fresh (I guess it’s a good thing :). Everyday I wake up next to the man I love, I ride to work with him, have lunch together, work, drive back home together. Still it feels like a dream! After all that we have been through, the anxieties, the separation, the fear of loss and uncertainties, I am so thankful to the Almighty for the happiness I have today. It was a miracle that my family, especially my sister could be there to witness the event following her brain surgery. It was amazing that friends and families traveled all the way from Asia and Europe to be with us. Without their blessings we couldn’t have made it through. Today is not just an anniversary, not just a day when two hearts were made one. On this day we celebrate love, the miracle of higher power, we remember how God’s will can make anything possible. Today is another day when I remember to be thankful for all that I have in my life and I pray that I feel the same way until I run my course in this universe.

Happy Anniversary, my sweetheart!

(another photo of us by Jen & Chris Stewart)

  • ohana photographers: happy happy anniversary nudrat!!!! loved the pics by chris and jen, but hey we love them too! hope your day was blessed with awesomeness!
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Katie + Sean || Roseville Sacramento engagement photography

Meet Katie & Sean. Katie is a dancer, Sean is a firefighter for the City of Sacramento. And I have to say that I’m lucky to have the opportunity to be their photographer. The best part of being a wedding photographer (for me) is the opportunity to meet with new people, share in the joy of their most important day of life and the ability to capture those moments for them. The satisfaction I get out of all these is indescribable. And the satisfaction level heightens if the people I meet through this process are like Katie and Sean. May I say that they are super sweet?

Sep, 14, 2009

I met K+S in April, since then I’ve been waiting to shoot their e-session. They had all the cool ideas about having their engagement photos done on the front porch of their new home. I was excited to hear their thoughts. When the time came and I went by their house for their engagement photos, I was astonished to see the home they owned! I always wondered who lived in that house every time I had driven by that street. I seriously had dreams about shoothing in front of that house (seriously…)! Those white fences, vibrant colors and the beautiful porch made it to be the perfect location. The shoot was a great success, I was so happy to see the outcome! First, they wanted to document their first home together along with their love story and I think we have captured it really well. Second, Katie and Sean made my dream come true (yeahhh,,,THANKS guys)

Katie and Sean, I’m so looking forward to your wedding in May. I hope you enjoy the images, as much as I did!

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Mega Portrait session by Jen and Chris Stewart

Behold…the pictures you are about to see are of Nudrat and Jason Owens, photographed by super rad photographers Jen and Chris Stewart of Jen Stewart Photography. Yes, I have finally gone on the other side of the camera to get me photographed!!! Can’t believe I had done that, but the Stewarts made it possible for me.

Sep, 09, 2009

Jason and I have been married for four years. We had some nice pictures from our wedding day, but not that many good ones since then! It was about time that we get some photographs of us before we transform into something else! We contacted fellow photographer friends Jen and Chris with the prospect of having a portrait session with them. We met Jen and Chris a couple years back, and became friends since then. They agreed to our request, so there we were, in the woods, posing in front of the camera! Both Jason and I are camera shy, we feel awkward in such situations, we were totally out of our elements. But I think we played pretty well with Jen and Chris this time

I wanted to wear Saree, traditional Bengali outfit for the shoot. We wanted to keep it original and eclectic, just like us

We love nature, the rustic feel of the dry grass. Jen and Chris captured our vision to the point. We were so happy that they were able to do this for us. We went out to dinner after the shoot, had a great time chatting and dining. BIG THANKS to Jen and Chris for the wonderful job they did. Check out their work, they are simply awesome!

Now on to the pictures …

We were driving down a road and found this place with cactus garden and a run down house. Loved the look of it. We went out to shoot at the Cactus Meadow (as Chris called it) and they came out great!

  • chris stewart: Nudrat and Jason, we had a amazing time with you both and come on..........camera shy..........not at all. You guys did so well. I think you two are great in front of the camera as it shows in the pics. Hope you two are having a awesome day. We need to hook up again SOON!!!
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Oh, those purple shoes!

more details coming soon…

Sep, 08, 2009
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