Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

The old-faithful, llamas and the fainting goats

It was my hubby’s birthday a week ago, so his friends came over for a weekend to celebrate his big day with us. It’s also a tradition among the friends to meet up once a year, spend a few days together and go all crazy. It was only four of them first, then came along the wives of two of them, now it’s a group of six. Four years ago they were united for our wedding, the next year we all went to Yosemite for camping, a year later one of them got married in San Diego (I photographed their wedding at La Jolla) and this year they were all here and we went to Napa valley. Usually it’s not a big deal when friends get together, but one of these guys travel all the way from Kansas to reunite in Nor Cal. I think it’s very special and so much fun!

Aug, 24, 2009

Trip to Napa this time was one of a kind! We didn’t visit the wineries, instead we decided to drive up to Calistoga to see The Old Faithful Geyser of California. Not only that, we also saw the fainting goats for the first time. I never heard about the fainting goats before, neither did I believe that the goats can actually faint until I saw it happen! I feel bad for being mean to the poor goats; we tried to scare them by screaming and making loud noise. The little ones couldn’t take the shock of it and collapsed on the ground immediately. They recovered in a few seconds though.

The geyser was awesome! We waited twenty minutes for the water to blow off the ground.

Curtis and Audrey joined us for the weekend. Last year we were in San Diego for their wedding.

And there was Mr. Llama, he wasn’t very excited with the prospect of being photographed!

Here is a fainting goat, he just collapsed and after about 10 seconds he stood up.

The little guy needed some feeding after the harassment!

  • Michelle Jordan: I love the pictures of Old Faithful that you got with the rainbows...they are beautiful! You could sell those as pictures people hang on there walls...:)

    I have never seen a fainting goat either...that is crazy.
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Looking forward to…

Ahh…Happy Friday! It’s been a Friday like none other, pretty rough so far. But Time passes, I know that the difficulties will pass too. Right now I’m just happy that the day will be over in about 8 hours. I can just go to bed and sleep like a baby then.

Aug, 21, 2009

All that aside, I’m super stoked about this fall. I’ll be traveling to Boston next month to shoot my very first destination wedding…wooohoooo! I’m hoping to make a trip out of it, visit Cape Cod and the surrounding areas. I’m very excited with the prospect of a mini vacation. October will be the busiest month ever! I have 4 weddings and two family shoots to cover besides my day job. I’m so looking forward to shooting weddings at the Old Sugar Mill, Grand Island Mansion and Edgewood Golf Course in south Lake Tahoe. It is going to be an awesome month!

I have also been patiently waiting for my favorite show to air back in Fall. I am talking about the very entertaining drama, Grey’s Anatomy. I am obsessed with the show, can’t get enough of Meredith and McDreamy. The last season ended brutally, I’m still sore from the finale and my heart aches to even think about George…ahhh. Now I’m counting days, eagerly waiting for September 24. As much as I want the time to slow down a little bit, I also wish that this one month goes by fast so that I can spend my Thursday nights on my comfy couch again in front of the TV. Yes, I’m in love this that show!

Here is the first promo of season six of Grey’s Anatomy.

SPOILER ALERT: Do NOT watch it if you don’t wanna know about it. I have been tempted, couldn’t refrain myself from seeing it.

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Veg medley and backyard update

So our backyard landscaping has been completed, it’s been over a month actually since we are enjoying some outdoor time in our own backyard. We have got an island grill where my hubby loves to cook dinner now-a-days. Needless to say, we have been grilling a lot. Steak, burgers, vegetables, etc. Speaking of vegetables, we planted some squash, tomatoes and peppers in our planter box. We were pretty late in planting this season since the yard work was still going on. The cherry tomato and yellow squash are growing like weeds and have already produced yummy fruits. There is nothing like home grown organic vegetables. I still dream of growing the side of our yard into a mini farm…someday! So far we only have a lemon and peach tree and the a couple vegetable plants in place.

Aug, 16, 2009

Our crape myrtles are in full bloom, so are the roses and lantanas. I am starting to like the outdoors even more, only if I could bring my office outside now

Two more weeks till the Folsom bridal show, I have a lot of work to get done before that.

Now enjoy some recent shots fresh from my garden.


  • ohana photographers: wow it's lookin awesome nudrat!!
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Reasons to hire a pro photographer

I read this article a a few days ago, I thought it would nice to share it with everybody.

CLICK HERE to read the full story.

Aug, 11, 2009
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End of summer sale || sacramento wedding and portrait

Summer is not over yet, in fact, August is supposed to be very very hot in Sacramento. However, weather mama (I don’t know where I got that term from) has decided to surprise us with all the cool waves and rain! It feels like late September in August. Is summer ending already? Who knows how the weather will be next week, right now I’m just enjoying while it’s here!

Aug, 06, 2009

Meanwhile, don’t forget to book your portrait session and take advantage of the special discount I’m offering right now. If you were thinking of getting some family pictures done, this would be the time. Book before September 21 and …

Take $75 off of any portrait session (regularly $300)

You can book the session now and schedule it for a later date.

In addition to that, I’m offering $200 discount on any wedding services booked before September 21. Why Sept 21? ‘Cause it’s the last day of summer.

Take $200 off of any wedding package

To all my past and present brides and grooms  –

Refer a friend who is getting married and get $200 album credit following a successful booking

So spread the word and take advantage of this sale. Huuuurrrryyyyy…….

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