Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Coming soon…

Sneak peak of Anne and Jamie’s beautiful wedding by the American River…

May, 31, 2009
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Oh Canada!

Over the long weekend J and I took a 3-day trip to visit my family in Toronto. This was one of those trips that was too short to even realize. It seemed like I was there for a day or so. We had a great time there, seeing friends and family. The weather was wonderful, unlike the ninty-something degrees here in Roseville. We actually brought the winter jackets with us!

May, 28, 2009

Now the vacation is over, I have a super busy (and fun) weekend ahead. Can’t wait for the awesome wedding followed by a fabulous engagement shoot in next two days! In the meantime, enjoy a few shots of the City of Toronto.
The famous CN Tower.

Stunning view from top of the CN tower… the City by Lake Ontario. Do you see the shadow of the CN tower?

This post won’t be complete if I don’t show off my beautiful niece and nephew. Amazing how kids grow so fast!

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Hellooo Summer!

Spring isn’t over yet but Summer has begun for me. All my favorite TV shows have ended. I’m not sure how my Summer will pass without Grey’s Anatomy, especially after that brutal season finale (call me crazy about the show, ’cause I am!). Tonight is the American Idol finale. To tell you the truth, I’m a bit nervous about it…I’m rooting for Kris Allen to win. Hope he makes it to the top. I’m anxious to see what LOST will bring next year. Did I ever mention that I wrote a single level computer game influenced by the TV show LOST? it was my interpretation of the next chapter of the show. More on that later, may be!

May, 20, 2009

I know I won’t be watching TV much, but things are going to keep me pretty busy here. Summer means photo shoots, weddings; I’ll be doing quite a few of those. I’ll be traveling up North between the weddings to attend weddings! This will give me opportunity to shoot more landscapes. If you have been following, you’ve already seen some fine art landscapes here; there will be more coming soon on my blog.

I will also be announcing my new Logo soon. “Impressions by Nudrat Photography” will get a face-lift

Watch the blog for more updates on that.

I’m getting ready for my first ever bridal show in Fall. I’m stoked about it! I will post all the details about the show within a month or so. If you are a local bride, be sure to check out the Folsom Bridal Show at the Lake Natoma Inn. There will be so many awesome vendors with helpful information for your wedding. Just a few years ago, J and I got married in Lake Natoma Inn. Two years ago I shot a wedding there. Now I’m thrilled to go back there and be a part of this bridal show. Stay tuned for more info on the show.

In the honor of AI finale, I’m leaving you with my fave Kris Allen’s best performance this season. I hope Kris joins my other favorite Carrie (underwood)’s league tonight! Enjoy.

  • Shovon: Hi,
    Been following your blog for a while ever since Himi recommended it :)

    Being an amateur photographer, I was curious as to what equipment you use to shoot and any post work that you do.
    Also any general tips on what you like in wedding shoots/landscapes, what is the most requested etc.

  • Impressions by Nudrat Photography: Hi Shovon, Could you send me an email to info@impressionsbynudrat.com so that I can reply to your questions. Thanks.
  • ohana photographers: intrigued by the tv show computer game!!!
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Tyler’s senior session

Meet Tyler, a very cool young man, a high school senior-to-be, a member of the class of 2010. I have to give him props for coming out yesterday for his session. If you are not from the area, you probably don’t know how hot it is here right now. Yesterday we hit three digits here, humidity was also pretty high. But, you won’t be able to tell any of it from his pictures. Tyler was awesome to shoot with, so natural in front of the camera.

Since it was sooooo hot, we ended up shooting most of the session in a parking garage and it’s surrounding areas in downtown Roseville. Who knew that a parking garage can be such an awesome location to shoot! Enjoy a few teasers from Tyler’s senior session.

May, 17, 2009

I love the green background here. Can you tell from his shirt that he is into off-road biking?

How cool is this location!

This is Tyler’s first vehicle. We had to bring it in the pictures.

Janessa was kind enough to make an appearance in the background …

His favorite number is 3…seriously…

And some fun in the sun…

  • tony: nice portraits, i love the colors too!
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California Nature

We drove all around from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe over our self declared three day weekend. Reason…my friend’s visit in town! The weather was gorgeous, the sky was blue and Nor Cal beauty was at it’s best! I didn’t take that many pictures but a few for your pleasure.

We started at the Golden Gate.

May, 13, 2009

Then stopped at the Sutro Bath ruins.

Walked through the cave/tunnel down at Sutro Bath.

Next day we headed to Tahoe.

Ended our day there with a nice sunset by the South Lake.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a weekend and go out somewhere. A trip is always more fun with old friends anyway. Here is a shot of my friend Asif attempting to capture the flow of the waterfalls up in Tahoe. He is an avid photographer with mad skills in landscape photography. Make sure you check out his flickr page.

  • ohana photographers: simply gorgeous!! we so badly want to go back to san francisco!
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