Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Babies do it just right

Things have been pretty crazy lately. But, no matter what happens in life, babies can make everything look simple and beautiful. Just when I started breaking down with heart breaking news from my homeland, baby Ethan made it all good for me for that moment with his one BIG smile. Ethan is now three months old. They grow big sooo fast…sigh! Here’s to you Ethan…

Feb, 28, 2009

Look at his eyelashes…
  • ohana photographers-david and kimi: he is just so cute!!!!
  • Adam Squier: The ones propped against the pillows are great -- especially the closer-in one. What a cute expression.
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Lili’s baptism

It was an amazing experience for me to attend Lili’s Baptism ceremony last Sunday. The event took place at Saint Anna Greek Orthodox Church in Roseville. It’s a fairly new Church in town, located on top of a hill on Roseville Pkwy. It rained non-stop on Sunday. A lot of the guests including Lili’s God Parents travelled from Modesto, CA for the ceremony. After the ceremony we all went to Old Spaghetti Factory for the reception.

I had the honor to capture this beautiful ceremony for little Lili. I can’t believe she is already so big! She is now crawling all over and trying to say words like mama-baba. Watching her grow so closely has been awesome for me. I LOVE this little girl; I wish her the very best in every step of her journey. Congratulations Lili Ana, may you be blessed with all the happiness in life.

Watch the slideshow here.

Feb, 24, 2009

  • Roenna: Awesome pics! I never thought of hiring a photographer for a baptism...definitely something to keep in mind for the future (probably 3 years from now, hehe).
  • Lili’s first birthday » Impressions by Nudrat Photography Blog: [...] picture is now hanging as a beautiful canvas art on their wall. Then came Christmas, followed by Lili’s Baptism. I had the honor to document those special moments for her. Two weeks ago little Lili turned ONE. [...]
  • Katarina: It was such a special day and you captured every precious moment.
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The Bucket List

Yesterday I sneezed twenty one times in an hour and a half and today I couldn’t sit at work anymore. So I came home early to get some rest. But, I’ve got a problem. I can’t sleep or lay around during the day! I ended up watching TV all afternoon, half dozed. One good thing came out of this, I was able to watch a movie, The Bucket List. I’ve been wanting to see it for a long time, I’m so glad I finally saw it today.

All I can say is that I LOVED it! I’m touched by every bit of it. I won’t give away the story if you haven’t seen it yet and are planning to rent it sometime. The movie was so real, I was in tears(Yes, I’m very sentimental!).

Feb, 13, 2009

I want to leave you with the soundtrack from the movie. The song “Say” by John Mayer. I’m a big John Mayer fan. Needless to say, I’m a fan of the movie now.

  • ::conrad::: Bless YOU Nudrat!!! =)
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Marie + Justin || Wedding

When I first spoke to Justin on phone about his wedding, I thought that he might be of the sweetest grooms I would ever meet. He proved me right on his wedding day. When he saw Marie walking down the aisle, Justin couldn’t hold back his tear. He had to look away for a moment to bring him back to the present. It was a magical moment! And why wouldn’t it be? Marie looked amazingly beautiful on their wedding day. A man, so in love with her, was sure to melt away at that first look of her!

Feb, 09, 2009

Justin and Marie were only engaged for a month or so before they started wedding planning. They pretty much had a month to pull everything together and they did a great job. Red and Black theme was a perfect match for the couple. I loved Marie’s hairstyle and the hair pieces she was wearing. And the black sashe on her dress added that extra glam to the over all look. The wedding took place at the Sierra View Country Club. Thankfully, it was a clear day, so we were able to go out to the 18th hole for some fun shots.

I am so excited for Justin and Marie to start their adventure together! They make a beautiful couple and I know that they have a lot in store for each other. I wish them all the happiness for their journey ahead.

Thanks to Jen of Jen Stewart Photography for connecting me to this beautiful couple.

  • Mel O Photos: Nudrat

    These are really beautiful. She is a very pretty bride.

    Mel O
  • Brandi: Great job, stunning couple!
  • Jen Stewart: Nudrat, BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL photos!!! I'm so glad that Justin contacted you and selected you to photograph their wedding! I knew they'd be in good hands with you............. and we were so right! What a gorgeous bride, I LOVE the black & red colors! All I can say again and again....... BEAUTIFUL! :)
  • Anonymous: Very nice photography!
    But your website is s l o w in loading pics - PAINFULLY so.

    Maybe try uploading small size jpg (<180kb)
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Allyson || Maternity

Sunday was the super bowl day. But I’m not much into watching games, I had waaaayyyyy more fun shooting Allyson’s maternity session at her parents’ house in south Sacramento. Previously I was a bit worried about the possibility of rain and cold weather that weekend. But it turned out that we literally picked the best day for her shoot. It was bright and sunny and the temperature was at the 60’s here in Sac. It couldn’t be any better in February.

Feb, 02, 2009

Allyson is a glowing mom-to-be on her eighth month of pregnancy! She looks fresh and absolutely gorgeous. She was open to different ideas and we were able to play with many of them. We also had the perfect backdrop. Her parents’ backyard was one of a kind! There was a koi pond, a little bridge, cactus, a huge palm tree(I love palm trees and I want one in my backyard) rocks, walkways, etc. I love how the pictures turned out. She looked like a Greek Goddess. So peaceful and beautiful! See her for yourself :))

  • Crystal: My favorite is the 3rd from the bottom, that one is really well done! :)
  • Velia: She will def love them. These are great,
  • Island in the Mist Photography: These are smokin'! I love numbers 3,4,5 and then too many to track on the bottom! Go girl!
  • Allyson: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! You definitely made me look amazing! Thank you soo very much!
  • ohana photographers-david and kimi: absolutely beautiful images!!love the 2nd to last her smile is awesome in that shot!
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