Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Apple picking at Applehills

Apple Hills, CA(30-mins from Sacramento, 1-hr from my house) is well known for the apple orchards and beautiful vineyards. You can go there during the apple season and pick your own apple. Jason and I go there every year, but we return home with a big, delicious dutch apple pie. We never get to pick apples ’cause the season is over by the time we get there. This year we tagged along with a few other friends who were as enthusiastic about apple picking at the Apple Hills.

We ended up going to an orchard which was also a vineyard. The owner said “Grapes are free if you can find any.” So we walked through the grape vines in search for grapes; we ended up finding a lot!

Sunny, my friend, loves apple. It was fun watching her going from tree to tree to pick the golden delicious. We ended up with buckets full of grapes and apples by end of the time.
My friend Sheila also joined us. She is expecting her baby in November. She is gorgeous and glowing at her seven-month pregnancy! I am very excited for her to start the new family soon with her new baby boy!
It was an extremely hot day! You’d think that the weather would be cool enough there since summer had officially ended a few days back. But it was upper 90’s at the Apple Hills. Despite the heat we had a lot of fun! It was a success this time; we managed to make it there during the apple season :) Not only we returned home with an apple pie, but also with freshly picked apples and grapes from Applehills.

Sep, 28, 2008
  • ohana photographers-david and kimi: these came out absolutely gorgeous!! love the apples!! beautiful images of your friend too!
  • gerald carvalho: That's so cool...!!! would you mind if I ask you the exact location of this orchard please Nudrat?


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Little Miss Lili

I took baby Lili’s first formal shot when she was only 4-day old. Now she is almost three-month old and I had to take a couple informal shots just to document her growth. I can’t believe how fast the babies grow! Now she looks around, makes sounds and lightens up the entire room with her beautiful smile whenever I see her.

Sometime she has this concerning look on her face; as if she wants to know exactly what is happening around her! She has also started recognizing people. A month ago she would let me hold her and won’t cry a bit. Now she knows when mommy is not holding her :)

Here is the sneak peak of Lili Ana’s two-month-eighteen-day picture :)

Sep, 28, 2008
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Happy Anniversary(Part 2 of 2)

If you have been following my blog, you already know that September is my Wedding Month. I got married three years ago on this day(the 18th) to make my love my life long company. When I go to the weddings(as a photographer) I am reminded on my own wedding :) The fact that I could never attend any of my friends’ weddings, only made me sad. But my passion as a wedding photographer helped me recover from that sorrow. When I see that look on the brides’ faces I can exactly feel the emotions they are going through. I couldn’t be happier to be who I am today, to be doing what I do today!

Sep, 18, 2008

Unfortunately, I will be stuck in my class for four hours(after work). So my anniversary celebration will go down the drain

My hubby already surprised me with my fave Stargazer lilies(my wedding flower) and gave me my dream vacation as gift(more on that later). They were already beyond my imagination! I wish I had something special(other than me) for him as well :)))

(Jason and I, 3 yrs ago. Photo courtesy of Andreas Images Photography. It was an East-meets-west wedding :)))

  • ::Conrad Lim::: aaw Nudrat..you look very pretty. And it's cool of Jason to be wearing something traditional in your wedding day..

    take care
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Trinity & Matt || second shoot w/ melissa o

I know, I know….I am behind my posts. I have multiple events that I want to share with you all. I promise I’ll get to them slowly but surely. Just so that you know, I have been extremely busy. As I mentioned earlier, I am in the process of writing the biggest computer game of the year! Just kidding…I am taking a class that takes up a lot of my time. I’m also spending a lot of time scoping business side of things. And ofcourse, I have been doing what I enjoy the most…shooting weddings!!!

Sep, 11, 2008

Last Saturday was another hot hot hot weekend in Sacramento. I thought Sonoma would be a bit cooler since it is closer to the Bay. Boy, wasn’t I wrong! It was extrelmely hot there! I was at Sonoma to second shoot Trinity and Matt’s wedding with Melissa Ochoa. I love weddings, so can’t complain about the heat too much. It was surely a beautiful one. It was an event where the entire family reunited to share the love they had for each other. I get emotional all the time witnessing the most memorable events of life. This wedding was even more emotional for me for it’s own reason.

Trinity was absolutely gorgeous! And I had a lot of fun second shooting with Melissa. Hope you enjoy some of my faves Trinity and Matt’s wedding.

Isn’t she pretty?

This beautiful chandelier was in the lobby, how could we not use it for picture!

Tahlia…the fllower girl. She was sooo cute…

Bridesmaids bouquet. They had my favorite Stargazer lilies…

  • ohana photographers-david and kimi: loooove the shot of the girls and the chandelier!! beautiful wedding, absolutely beautiful! have an awesome weekend nudrat!!
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Sweet surprise!

This morning I came into work to find the sweetest gift of the year! There was a sticky office note on my monitor and behind the monitor was this -

(photo from iPhone)

Sep, 08, 2008

I wish I could post a picture of the note I received! Unfortunately I don’t have the liberty of doing so. It all came from my other half, my husband! He brought me what I like the most, beautiful red roses, for our Third wedding anniversary. Along came the sweetest card I had ever received! Nothing(as far as gifts are concerned) makes me happier than beautiful flowers and if they come from that special someone in life then they become even more meaningful!

(photo from iPhone)

I am blessed to have Jason in my life today. I know we will have many many many…years to cherish our love…
Happy Anniversary(Part 1 of 2) my sweetheart!!! I’ll wait to see what is yet to come for part dos :)))

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