Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Emily & Sage’s wedding slideshow

Finally got done with the slideshow of Emily & Sage’s beautiful wedding from a weekend ago. The ceremony took place in the middle of the McKinley rose garden. What a beautiful setting it was! We also went to the Sacramento Capitol Park for pre-wedding formals. If you are not from the area, but visiting Sacramento and wondering where you can go for a photoshoot…go to the Capitol Park! You won’t be disappointed. Capitol is one of my favorite spots to shoot in downtown Sac.

Aug, 30, 2008

Here is the slideshow. All the outdoor images used 100% natural light(I don’t use on/off-camera flash if I don’t have to). Hope you enjoy.

  • Eric: wow! Great light! Great colors! Look at the detail, Nudrat! AWESOME!
  • fruitfulwords: Wonderful photos. Filled me with great emotions and I don't even know these folks.
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Emily & Sage || Wedding

Last Saturday I was at McKinley Park shooting Emily & Sage’s beautiful wedding at the rose garden. Reception was held at the Clunie hall near the park. It was a beautiful wedding, just like the way they wanted it to be.

Thank you Emily & Sage, it was my pleasure to be a part of your big day; I had a lot of fun with you guys…hope you enjoy the teasers :)

Aug, 25, 2008
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Family visit || a week to remember

Last seven days have been incredibly eventful for me. Several major(aka crazy) things happened -
1. My only sister and her family visited us!
2. My Identity got stolen!!
3. A major lay-off happened at my day job!!!
… and I survived all three.

I go to Toronto every year to visit my sister, this year she was here to spend a week with us. It was soooo much fun. I love having kids around and I miss my niece and nephew like crazy. So it was nice to have them here for a few days.

Aug, 20, 2008

We drove thousand miles within a week (Sac-LA-SAC-SF-SAC….); I feel like I am still in the car. While driving to SF, just outside of Sacramento, I saw this beautiful patch of rainbow in the sky. It was a bright, sunny day; a rainbow(or the colors of rainbow) was quite unexpected. I was happy to see the blue sky(finally) and not-too-warm weather; I wish we had more of those days.

We drove over the Golden Gate bridge yesterday and stopped at Pacifica, CA. It was really cold there, but that didn’t stop my niece, nephew and my sister from going close to the ocean. I like this picture(below) of my brother-in-law taking picture of his lovely family.

It was also my hubby’s birthday last week that we celebrated at the Universal Studios. Belated Happy Birthday my sweetheart! I hope to celebrate many more birthdays with you :))

Pardon me for the quality of these images, I have been taking snaps with my Powershot A720. I just realized that I don’t have a non-grainy picture. I haven’t been travelling with my SLRs (now I am paying the price).

It seems like this summer is going by really fast. My sister’s kids were sad for having such a short summer. I also realized that my school starts next week(recipe of self killing ofcourse with everything else that I have going on!!). I don’t know what I am getting myself into by taking the “killer game programming” class this fall. But, if I survive this wedding season + my day job + school, I’ll know that I’ll survive anything

I’ll be back next week with Emily+Sage’s wedding pictures from the coming weekend…

  • ohana photographers-david and kimi: how horrible about the identity stuff. wow people never cease to amaze me. hope that all worked out for you. the lay off thing we know all too well. hang tough nudrat!!! your talent will pull you through!!
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Jen & Chris || Wedding at Alpine Meadows

Last Saturday I drove up to Tahoe to second shoot a wedding with Dan McCay of Izlas Destination weddings. I can’t write enough about this experience(there are a lot of cool things about Dan that I’ll mention in a bit). Little did I know that a beautiful wedding location as such is hidden somewhere in the midst of the mountains of Alpine Meadows!!! The couple Jen and Chris chose a stunning location for their wedding.

Little before the ceremony I had a chance to have a one-on-one session with Jen. She looked gorgeous; the breathtaking view added some more drama to her beauty.

Aug, 12, 2008

After the ceremony, Dan and I headed out to the mountains to shoot with Jen and Chris. The location was unbelievable and we got some gorgeous shots of the couple.

I had a blast working with Dan McCay. The fact that he could speak some Bangla and fluent Hindi, freaked me out at first; but then it turned into a sweet surprise. After all, I don’t meet that many photographers everyday who speaks Bangla and has even visited Bangladesh! How cool is that!!!

  • ohana photographers-david and kimi: love the 3rd from the bottom!!!! these are rockin!
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Henna edition || Monica & Karim’s wedding

It seems like I haven’t been posting forever. I just don’t have any idea how my weeks go by so fast. We just bought a new, super fast computer(I wish it was an iMac!!!), I was busy for setting up my new system. I am also using Lightroom 2 for RAW editing now. I have to say that I liked Lightroom over Bridge.

I finally had a chance to go through the pictures from Monica and Karim’s wedding at Lake Tahoe. I worked with Doug Miranda on their beautiful wedding at Squaw Valley on July 26. I must mention that I am very lucky so far to have super nice couples to shoot with. Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous; bright and vibrant colors and many personal touches made the event even more unique! Monica and Karim also incorporated some traditions from Karim’s Indian heritage.

Aug, 07, 2008

One of the attractions of the event was Henna tattoo. A brilliant henna artist was present at the reception to entertain guests with her beautiful henna designs. Some of the highlights are below.

Bride’s hands full of henna -

  • david & kimi baxter: wow LOVE the henna!
  • fruitfulwords: Beautiful, beautiful shot of the bride's arm decorated in henna.
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