Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Seems like a fairy tale……

…. but it’s not!

This is a very special day of my life. Well, I have several special days, 4/9 is now added to the list. We get keys to our first home sometime today, it’s just a phone call away now. Another milestone will be reached…I can’t believe this is happening to me.

I stopped by Safeway this morning to pick up a couple bottles of sparkling cider. But I don’t know who else will be there to celebrate with us(probably our realtor only). I wish my family was around to witness the big moment! This is something I find very difficult – living away from family. My inlaws are scattered all over the US and my families live abroad.

Apr, 09, 2008

Although communication is much easier now-a-days, I feel that we need some sort of telekinetic ability; instead of moving objects using mind power, we need to be able to be anywhere just with a switch of mind(not like a time machine, not the physical presence, the presence of your mind)). But, of course that could give a free license to the evil power, so I guess the ability should only be limited to the visual experience.

Looks like this is turning into more like a personal blog rather than a photography blog. But hey, this is who I am, this is what is happening with me, this is all that creates an impact on how I function. Life is not a fairy tale and it will never be. I have had many obstacles, personal struggles, social barriers to overcome. Leaving all the difficult moments behind, I have tried to look at the brighter sides of life. I’ve realized that what we give is what we get. So I am happy today, extremely happy. Thanks to the Almighty and to everybody who supported me, encouraged me, gave me a shoulder to cry on when I was down, who didn’t give up on me despite the diffilculties they faced and accepted me in their lives.

Coming soon … the pictures from the home inauguration … stay tuned!

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Countdown to becoming a home owner

In about 96 hours we’ll become homeowners :))) I can’t believe this, I am sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like any first time buyers, I had cold feet for about five hundred times. Thanks to my cool-brained husband who knows how to handle me in such situations :) Home buying has been a nerve wrecking experience for me. Now that we are only days away from getting the keys to our very first home, I can’t wait for the moment to come. The home is built, landscaping is done, the home is now just waiting for us to move in.

I have been extremely stressed out lately with everything that has been going on in my life, yet I couldn’t be any happier today. I feel blessed. I am very overwhelmed with everything, but the fact that all these are happening is nothing but fulfilling and satisfying to me(touch wood :).

Apr, 06, 2008

Here is a sneak peak of our cute little farm house(it has farm house elevation). My husband took this sometime in early March when we drove down there for our usual visit to the home site.

  • david & kimi baxter: how exciting!! what a gorgeous home too!!! you must be so thrilled. so happy for you nudrat!
  • Nudrat Shams Owens: Thank you David :) you are so sweet. This is very exciting indeed....can't explain...
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Roadmap to 2010

So I was at work this morning thinking what I want to do with my photography business. Should I keep shooting weddings, second shoot with fellow photographers or go with some other ideas I have? (I do have crazy dreams). I am far from being any close to some photographers that I absolutely admire, but I can see myself being a full timer here.

Most(I should say all) of the photographers I know are very passionate about what they do. Unlike many professions, photography is something that comes straight from the heart. One can be taught the techniques, but it would be difficult to learn to view things with an artist’s eye. You either see it, or not. I guess, we need to have that extra juice and emotions to feel the subject and capture it within the frame.

Apr, 03, 2008

I have started doing album designs recently. First I thought I would hate it, mainly because the Photoshop works super slow on my PC for some reason(investigation in progress, no solutions yet). But when I was done with the first book, I felt that it would actually be really nice to do some design work

In fact, Album Design is something I really wanna do now. Thanks to Kevin Swan’s InDesign tutorial.

I think I pretty much know what I’ll enjoy the most. Now making it all a reality is a different thing

So here I go with my plans -

1. Shoot family sessions and weddings
2. Second Shoot weddings – I enjoy capturing the candid moments
3. Second Shoot more – I enjoy working with other photographers
4. Focus on ethnic/specialty weddings – I live a multicultural life. My own wedding was a blend of American and Bengali culture. I enjoyed how we merged both of our traditions and made our own. I want to be able to shoot weddings that celebrate the similar traditions as ours.
5. Take up more album design work – help out those who don’t enjoy dealing with albums. Hence, start “impressions book design company”. In fact it has already started, so if you are looking to outsourse your album design work, contact me please. I will send you sample book designs.
6. Design an Ergo strap(for shootsac type bags) that works for long days

- that’s it! Not too ambitious, is it?

  • Conrad Lim: It's always good to have a game plan. You can't arrive to your destination without a map. And with every road you take there will always be potholes on the way, but keep on truckin.

    Only you can determine if you ran out of gas or not. anyway wanna design my first book? =b

    You guys take it ez.
  • Nudrat Shams Owens: Thanks so much for the boost Conrad. And I would love to design your book if you want :)))
  • conrad lim: yea?...so what's the damage gonna be like?
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