Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

My new website is up!

Hurrrraayyyy!!! My new website is finally up! I have been wanting to get a pro site for so long, but have been lazy enough to put that aside. Thanks to the girls at http://portfoliositez.com/, they are simply awesome. I made payements yesterday, got the welcome email in a couple hours. Worked on the site today and it is up an running. I’ll be making a few more changes to the site; in the meantime, please check it out. If you happened have stopped by and wanted to leave me an input on the site, please do so. Any comments and critiques are highly appreciated.

Here it is – http://www.impressionsbynudrat.com/

Feb, 01, 2008
  • david & kimi baxter: congrats on your new website! how exciting!
  • supermango: i really like ur website!!
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