Greetings and welcome to my hand-spun blog+site. My photography journey has been incredible! It began with fun, then grew into passion, then I discovered profound love for it and there was no looking back. Please look around, the pictures here are the reflections of how I see the world. Enjoy exploring it.

Leap Day!

It is a beautiful day here in Roseville, I’m glad that we haven’t had any rain this week. I wish we always had weather like this(70F)! We’ll be burning here soon before we realize. Sacramento summer is pretty cruel in my opinion! Oh well, atleast we have the beautiful spring time to enojoy.

I have been trying to focus on my work, and then a calender reminder popped up on my monitor. I looked at the date and realized that it is Leap day today!

Feb, 29, 2008

I don’t remember paying any attention to Feb 29 ever. Until today, I didn’t know anyone who celebrates birthday on Feb 29. This morning I got a message from a friend saying that he and his wife were going to have a baby girl in 3-hrs! By now I’m sure the baby has seen the day light and I am so excited for him! But I wonder how they are going to celebrate baby’s first bday!

So today is not only a happy Friday, it is also a leap day, We won’t have this day(Feb 29) until 2012, so lets try to get the most out of this day this year

Have a great weekend!

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Never get tired of beautiful images!

I have been checking out other people’s blog and I relized that I don’t update my blog frequently enough. Remember I am not a writer! I am also quite lazy to not work on my images immediately after I take them, unless the images are of my clients(of course post-processing becomes my priority then)!

I have taken tons of images in Napa, mostly fashion/bridal shots. Although I had a chance to get some engagement shots(not too many though). These images were in my then-lost-now-found card. Lauren was gracious enough to send them back to me. Thanks Lauren.

Here some more from Napa for your viewing pleasure!

Feb, 27, 2008
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Napa – Day 2

Day 2 at Napa was equally exciting. We started our day by searching for my CF cards. We went back to V.Sattui to check if I dropped my pouch somewhere in the field. It was like looking for a needle in the hay stack. Couple other fellow OSPers were helping us too. Unable to find them we drove down to Rathurford train station for our next photoshoot(Bridal/fashion). Great location, gorgeous models, beautiful day – what else did we need! Nichanh a fellow OSPer, modeled for us. Look how hot she is!

Feb, 24, 2008

I was glad to see Lisa and Paul again, I thought I wouldn’t have anything for them since I lost all of their images from day1(thankfully they were found)!

Beautiful veils provided by Dorene Vandermeer from Unveiled Bridal Designs

  • A Precious Moment Photography: Thank you Nudrat! These are hot!
  • Sparks Photography: stunning images!
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OSPW2 – Day 1

I had a blast at the OSPW2 in Napa last weekend(look at my post below if you don’t know what it is). Jason and I left home at 7 in the morning on Saturday and arrived Napa at around 8:30. We were supposed to meet at the Embassy Suites where most of the OSPers were staying. After a kick off speech by Chris and Tana we headed to our first photoshoot(Bridal/wedding) at the Winery. Originally we were supposed to be at the Costello De Amorosa, due to some issues we went to V.Sattui winery which ended up being a great location for photos. The models were gorgeous!!! It was such a great experience to shoot with them and also to watch how the fellow photographers work.

Feb, 24, 2008

After lunch we came back to Embassy suite to hear Jillian Kay speak about how to deal with the difficult clients. She was so cute! I saw her avatar before, but it was the first time when I saw her in person. We went to photo scavenger hunt with fellow photographers Lauren and Gerald in teh afternoon. It was fun but exhausting to drive around all over Napa looking for stuff. Did I mention that I met awesome Ed Pingol and his uber cool wife Monica??? I love love love Ed’s work and it was soooooo nice to finally meet him. We all went to dinner at a Sushi place in downtown Napa.

After dinner we went back to Embassy. Nathan Holritz and Shaun Austin were the speakers. Then we headed to downtown for the night shoot. I didn’t really do much there. It was cold and I was too tired to be show my creativity.

At the end of the day when I was checking my shootsac for the compact flash cards, I realized that my Lowepro pouch was missing! I was in shock, all my work was gone!!!!!!! We looked in the car and in my bags, they weren’t to be found anywhere! It was found after two days in Lauren’s car. I must have dropped it there during the scavenger hunt. Thankfully I have them with me now.

I have been too busy lately, didn’t get to process all the photos. Here are some images from day1.

Model: Paul and Lisa(hot!!!)

  • Lisa: Nudrant!! So glad to hear you found your stuff! That was so sad to hear you misplaced it! It was fantastic to meet you and your work is fantastic!

    Many regards! Lisa (and Paul)
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OSPW2 in Napa

I belong to this photography forum, where many photographers from all over the world virtually meet to share the same interest and experience they have – photography! I have to say that I have learned a lot just by reading the threads and looking at the Fabulous creations they display everyday. The forum is called OpenSourcePhoto(www.opensourcephoto.net).

Feb, 13, 2008

The photographers in the west coast formed a group within the forum named OSP West(OSPW). OSPWesterns(haha) all gathered together last year and held a weekend long workshops and shooting sessions. It was an awesome opportunity for the photographers to network and know and learn from each other. This year OSPW is holding the same event in Napa, CA; and guess what…….I am joining this year! I am so excited! Napa is just an hour and a half away from Rocklin, so I have no reason to miss the event. My husband Jason is joining me too. I pulled him over to the OSP Roseville meeting(OSPers in Roseville, CA had a fabulous evening last Friday, that’s another story and I have to write about it on a separate post) and he seemed to have enjoyed it. So I am dragging him along. Jason doesn’t shoot, but he understand(and knows very well) the technical aspects of photography, I hope he enjoys the time there.

I will post pictures next week and write all about OSPW2 in Napa. I am sure it will be awesome, I can’t wait for the weekend to come!

  • david & kimi baxter: so bummed i can't make this!!!:(.. well hope you have a blessed and awesome valentine's day nudrat!
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